Drag queen Aretuza Lovi is the owner of the hit song “Batcu”, which was played at a Ministry of Health event and sparked a political crisis

On Thursday 5th, a video went viral on social media and is causing quite a stir. During a Ministry of Health event, a group of dancers performed at the 1st Mobilization Meeting for Health Promotion in Brazil and, at one of the moments, the song “Batcu” was played at the event.

Causing controversy both inside and outside the political arena, the “Batcu” dance at an official event generated a crisis between the government’s allies and opponents, who considered the choreography “inappropriate”.

What is “Batcu”? Controversial song by drag queen Aretuza Lovi

What is “Batcu” anyway? The song is the third track on the album “Mercadinho”, and was officially released in 2018. A partnership between Aretuza Lovi and Valesca Popozuda, the funk song currently has more than 560,000 plays on Spotify.

Who is Aretuza Lovi? Meet the owner of the hit “Batcu”

Born in Goiás, Aretuza Lovi is a drag queen created by Bruno Nascimento. A singer, actress, presenter and comedian, Aretuza began her musical career in 2012 with the single “Striptease”. In 2013, the drag queen released her first album: “Popstar”.

In 2016, Aretuza Lovi released “Catuaba”, a single in partnership with Gloria Groove, which became one of the hits of Carnival 2017. The drags’ feat led to a new musical partnership, this time with Pabllo Vittar. In 2018, Aretuza Lovi, Gloria Groove and Pabllo Vittar released “Joga Bunda”.

In the same year, Aretuza released the album “Mercadinho”, with “Joga Bunda” as the main song, as well as “Movimento”, with Iza, “Arrependida”, with Solange Almeida, and “Batcu”, with Valesca Popozuda.

His most recent release was the album “Borogodó parte 1”. With 12 tracks, the album was released in August 2022 and features feats with singers Getúlio Abelha, in the song “Baião de Dois”, as well as Lia Clark and Thiago Pantaleão in “Sócia”.

‘BatCu’: Health Ministry recognizes that dance was ‘inappropriate’

The Ministry of Health regretted, in a statement, the dance performance that took place last Thursday, 5, at the 1st Mobilization Meeting for Health Promotion in Brazil.

The ministry considered the “choreography inappropriate” and described the case as “isolated”. The ministry also stated that it will adopt measures to ensure that the episode is not repeated.

Senator Ciro Nogueira (PP-PI), an opponent of the Lula government, criticized the display and said it was “shocking how ideology has contaminated the PT government”.

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