This is the assessment of the marketing department of Henkel, owner of Super Bonder, the winning brand in the 2021 and 2022 editions.

Super Bonder has been the most mentioned name in the Folha Top of Mind Instant Glue category since the segment was created in 2021. Present in thousands of refrigerators across the country (yes, consumers have a habit of keeping the packaging at cold temperatures), the American product arrived in Brazil in 1975.

Over these four decades, Super Bonder has become a kind of “glue for everything” in Brazil. The Datafolha survey shows how the brand outperforms its competitors. There was a difference of more than 30% in mentions between the product and the runner-up in 2021 and 2022.

This is due to the relationship of trust it has with consumers, says Fernanda Figueiredo, Marketing Director for consumer brands at Henkel, the company that owns Super Bonder. “Every Brazilian has a family history with Super Bonder,” she says. She also says that being Top of Mind contributes even more to the product’s relevance in the domestic market.

The data presented by Datafolha refines the range of market studies carried out by the company to measure the profile, usage habits and purchasing intentions of consumers nationwide. This is important information for developing new brand strategies.

In addition to the credibility it passes on to consumers, Super Bonder also strives for social responsibility, with actions to improve housing in areas of greater social vulnerability and projects aimed at the well-being of its employees, such as “Bebê Henkel a Bordo”, a parental leave program that offers a series of benefits for fathers and mothers, such as Extended Parental Leave.

The company also runs global campaigns aimed at strengthening workers’ mental health and dietary quality. “The values that a brand carries go far beyond the benefits of the products themselves,” explains Figueiredo.

Super Bonder is a two-time winner in 2021 and 2022 in the “Top Instant Glue” category. How important is this achievement? This recognition from the Folha Top Of Mind award reinforces the feeling of trust Brazilians have for Super Bonder. The survey gauges the preferences of Brazilians from different regions, age groups and economic classes, showing how much Super Bonder is part of people’s daily lives. Being “Top Of Mind” is a source of pride for us and an incentive to continue researching and developing new technologies.

Does the Datafolha award reinforce the brand’s position and relevance in the market today? It contributes even more to Super Bonder’s relevance in the Brazilian market. Super Bonder has become synonymous with instant glue, such is its relevance. This position the brand has achieved is the combination of quality and the continuous development of new technologies. Since the launch of the original tube in 1975, the brand has launched two other formulas and more than ten different applicator packs.

What well-being initiatives does Super Bonder take for its employees? Super Bonder, together with other Henkel adhesive brands, develops social actions where its adhesive technologies promote significant transformations.

Welcome Home”, for example, is a Henkel action developed in several countries, including Brazil, where our employees take part in a joint effort to improve housing in areas of greater social vulnerability. In Brazil, the social action recently took place in Heliópolis, in São Paulo, and mobilized our employees, who helped renovate houses using adhesive products.

Employees also benefit from internal actions aimed at their well-being, including “Henkel Baby on Board”, a pioneering program for Latin America with a series of benefits such as Extended Parental Leave.

Other highlights include the global “Journey to Myself” campaign, which aims to strengthen the mental health and well-being of staff through informative content, programs and benefits. There is also “Eat Smart – Take Part”, which focuses on healthy eating with the presence of nutritionists to improve the quality of food for employees.

How are the brand’s strategies impacted by the data from the national Datafolha study? The brand carries out market studies and hires specialized consultants to measure the profile, usage habits and purchasing intentions of consumers on a national basis. This information was important, for example, for the creation of packaging with larger volumes (Mega 20g and Mega 100g) following the discovery that a growing number of people use Super Bonder for commercial purposes, not just domestic ones.

The data presented by Datafolha refines this range of studies carried out, offering even more details of consumers and the market, with insights for the development of new strategies, such as campaigns, product launches, internal actions and communication with our employees, consumers and stakeholders [individuals or organizations affected by a company’s actions].

What are Super Bonder’s next steps to maintain the strength of its image as Top of Mind among Brazilians? Our current campaign, “Cola Para Sempre”, also highlights the sentimental side of the brand, because Super Bonder’s relationship with Brazilians is special and different from that of other countries. Every Brazilian has a family history with Super Bonder, the instant glue that is usually kept on the fridge door.

The brand has transcended the connection with Brazilians, becoming an activator of emotional memories. The “Glue Forever” campaign presents an affective theme about what we want to stick with us forever: people, objects, memories.

The expansion of the Super Bonder portfolio has been decisive in ensuring that the brand continues to be synonymous with “glue everything”. Brazilian consumers are looking for specialized solutions for every demand, and we have developed a range of cyanoacrylate-based technologies. There are nine Super Bonder products currently available.

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