São Paulo: Following a decision by the São Paulo Court of Justice (TJ-SP), the company Taurus (TASA4) has confirmed that, from now on, it will no longer announce the launch of weapons on its social networks.

The measure, which takes into account an injunction granted by the TJ-SP on September 5, 2023, results in a ban on this practice. This is a very particular situation that is having direct repercussions on the way Taurus communicates with its customers.

Change in advertising strategy

“In compliance with the court decision (…), regarding Taurus’ institutional media and networks, the advertisement of products available for purchase will be restricted to the Taurus Portal,” the company said in an email to its customers on October 5, 2023.

The company indicated that the announcement of new products will be directed exclusively to its online store, where customers must register beforehand. In addition, the company’s correspondence will continue as normal by email, in order to ensure communication with its customers.

What is the reason for the restriction?

The TJ-SP, in a decision handed down last month, established that Taurus’ social networks and website do not fall into the category of “specialized publications”. Therefore, they cannot contain “weapons advertising”.

In the words of the judge reporting the case, Alfredo Attié, “Law No. 10.826/2003 [of the Disarmament Statute] completely prohibits advertising for the sale of weapons outside the strict scope of specialized publications,” he said.

Taurus’ reaction

For its part, Taurus reiterated that it “does not agree with the preliminary injunction and will resort to all appropriate appeals” against the decision. Taurus’ defense argues in the lawsuit that there are no product prices in the posts or on the company’s own website, where the company’s gun models are essentially presented.

The publications in question provide technical and product information, as well as safety guidelines for the company’s customers. In this sense, Taurus reiterates its commitment to maintaining transparent communication with its customers, even in the face of changes in the way this communication takes place.

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