The singer’s alleged affair has 31 tattoos, including on his buttocks and pubis

Damiano David Tattoo

If her fans are right, Anitta is flirting with the rock world. Her new affair, they bet, is Damiano David, lead singer of the Italian band Måneskin, who performed at Rock in Rio in 2022. The suspicions began at the MTV VMA in September, when he was spotted looking at her too much. And they intensified after the singer told “Quem” magazine that, after a consultation with a fortune teller, she decided to continue the flirtation. “It worked! It’s going on, like this… We’re living life”.

Damiano David is 24 and was born in Rome. Together with his school friends Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi and Ethan Torchio, he founded the band Måneskin, which in 2017 came second in the Italian version of the reality TV show “X-Factor”. In 2021, they gained worldwide prominence by winning the Eurovision Song Contest.

When he came to Rio in 2022, he became one of the stars of Rock in Rio. At the band’s concert, he went down to the audience, said he loved Portuguese (“Come on, fuck, I love Portuguese!”) and seduced all genres. Shirtless for much of the show, he had his tattoos in the spotlight. The largest, “Il ballo della vita”, between his neck and chest, means “the dance of life” and is the name of the group’s album. Damiano also has a rose with the word mother, the face of Jesus Christ, a snake wrapped around an apple and the phrase “Do boys don’t cry” (with the don’t crossed out), among others. He also has the phrase “Kiss that” tattooed on his buttocks. A braided pin and a broken heart are also on the list. Under his navel is the inscription “Mammamia” and on his lower thigh are two wings with the phrase: “For this pair of golden wings. We’d pay for all the gold in the world”, a quote from the song “Solo” by Vegas Jones. There are 31 tattoos in all, including on his pubis.

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