Brazilian authorities reported that the death toll from the cyclone rose to at least 27 people in the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

According to the Ministry of Social Development (MDS), at least 50 municipalities in the two southern states have been affected, and the city of Muçum, in Rio Grande do Sul, has 80% of its structures under water.

The MDS indicated that a federal government delegation will visit the area this Wednesday. It added that the storm will continue to affect the region for the rest of the week.

This Wednesday, the regional civil defense service issued a flood alert around the Jacuí River and the Jacuí delta.

“The situation is critical,” said the MDS minister, Wellington Dias, in X. He added that, along with other departments, the MDS has been “providing support to the victims, (and) carrying out emergency assistance in the affected areas.”

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