In addition to the themed combo inspired by the character, BK will take a piece of Barbieland to its unit on Av. Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek in São Paulo.

BK has found its way to connect with the public, increasingly investing in themed combos with big names like Stranger Things and Aranhaverso. Now, Burger King takes advantage of the hype again by announcing its themed combo inspired by the Barbie movie.

The fast-food chain joined the list of brands that partnered with Warner Bros and Mattel to launch their themed products inspired by the film, in addition to bringing a piece of Barbieland to São Paulo, transforming a unit into Barbie’s House.

The restaurant transformed into the home of the world’s best-known doll is located at Avenida Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek, 1514, in São Paulo, and just as the Spider-Man edition transported fans to the Spiderverse, the idea of this edition is to take Barbie lovers to meet a little piece of Barbieland with instagrammable scenarios.

The facade of the restaurant will feature pink coconut trees, flamingos and lights to set the tone for Barbie’s House. On the first floor of the store, the dessert area will be transformed into a dressing table, similar to a dressing room. For the more adventurous, the chain will also have Barbie’s convertible car to take photos.

Barbie Burger King Combo – Price and Availability

The Burger King themed combo inspired by Barbie will have the famous pink sauce, which at another time has already been seen in the SpongeBob edition. The complete BK Barbie combo features the Pink Burger (brioche bun, slice of cheddar flavored cheese, high meat, diced bacon and smoked flavored pink sauce), Ken’s Potato and Barbie’s Shake (vanilla flavored dough, Nesquik and donut with pink and white chocolate icing). All in a themed box with bag format.

The combo arrives this Wednesday (12) with prices starting at R $36.90 and can be purchased in all sales channels of the BK. The milkshake inspired by the character arrives with the price of R $21.90 and will be available in stores in the same period. More information should arrive soon on BK’s social networks.

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