• President of brazil Jair Bolsonaro has a new letter to be re-elected in the elections this Sunday, in which he competes against Lula da Silvawho who was already head of the Brazilian State: neymar.

The Liberal Party politician released a video in which the PSG star shows the number 22the official list, along with other people, many dressed in footballer’s clothes, with a song dedicated to Jair Bolsonaro.

The same video was later released by Neymar on his Tiktok account.which ratifies the player’s support for Jair Bolsonaro in these upcoming presidential elections. Neymar and Jair Bolsonaro have always had a good relationship.

On his Twitter account, Jair Bolsonaro wrote an optimistic message in which the words re-election and hexa (the title that the Brazilian team is seeking in Qatar) go hand in hand. «Brazil above all! God above all! tweeted the president.

Lula’s followers, once Neymar’s video was on social media, linked this action by the PSG player to an alleged benefit received by Neymar’s father for not paying 88 million reais in taxesby activities between 2011 and 2013.

This last great trick of Bolsonaro trying to change the polls to the presidential elections in Brazil, which They give Lula as a favorite, although everything indicates that it will be resolved in the round of 16

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