Trinity Team and the publisher 101XP are pleased to announce the release date of The Darkest Talestheir highly anticipated nightmare action-adventure title, out on October 13, 2022 Xbox, Nintendo Switch, GOG e 101XP. The Darkest Tales is available now for wishlist on Steam, and on pre-order at 101XP today.

In The Darkest Talesplayers follow the adventure of Teddy, a grumpy old bear brought back to life to save his mistress Alicia, and Lighty, a talkative fairy with glowing orbs, as they embark on a journey through twisted fairytale planes inhabited by nightmare enemies and Thrilling adventures: Face the horrors of a dark and twisted world as you explore beautiful yet hostile terrains, meet once-friendly and evil-turned-evil childhood fairy tale characters: a flesh-eating Red Riding Hood and a monstrous Pinocchio, to name but a few. two, and get ready for a challenging climb up the towering beanstalk.

Here are the main features of The Darkest Tales


  • Get your hands on enchanted and sharp weapons to jump, slice and dart through anyone who gets in your way.
  • Develop your skill tree to learn a ton of new tricks, including faster healing, escapes, double jumps, additional damage, and so much more!
  • You might remember them differently… Battle with a ton of once-friendly and now deadly fairy tale characters transformed into evil bosses, including a Little Red Riding Hood wielding a double blade and a Petrifying Pinnochio who becomes his personal puppeteer.
  • Each chapter of this playable novel features a set of beautiful and haunting environments. From familiar environments such as Geppetto’s battered workshop and the lush green of the bean towers, to a chilling mountain climb, danger lurks around every corner.
  • Fully voiced characters, a story full of recognizable fairytale traditions and gorgeous and haunting landscapes and levels.

“We are happy to announce the release date of The Darkest Tales to everyone and can’t wait to find out what our fans will think of this diabolical fairytale game. We were very happy to see so many players trying out our prologue in October of last year and we can’t wait to see all of you, and more, jump into the full version in a few weeks. ”

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