Henri Castelli

Henri Castelli turns 43 and talks about jaw injury: “I can’t articulate to speak”

Day of celebration in the family of Henri Castelli. On Wednesday, 10, the actor turned 43, but spent the holiday at home. The seclusion happened not only because of the Covid-19 pandemic; but also for the full recovery of the artist’s jaw.

At the end of last year, Henri Castelli was the target of serious aggressions, and his face was injured. Since then, the actor has been performing procedures to improve his face.

“I’m at home. In fact, I have recently, because of Covid and the accident I suffered, I am here inside the house. But today is a special day, my birthday. I would like to thank you, friends and family. To everyone who likes and prays for me, ”said the artist on social media.

The actor also shared some gifts that he received and talked about his current state of health . “Don’t mind my voice. It’s a little stuffy, still. I can’t articulate very well to speak. Even because it still hurts a little. Soon, I will be one hundred percent ”, he explains.

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