The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, entered the Hospital of the Armed Forces in Brasilia on Monday night to undergo some tests after feeling unwellreported the local press.

Bolsonaro, 67, who was stabbed in the abdomen during the 2018 presidential campaign, did not appear, as planned, at the act of affiliation of two of his ministers to the Republican party.

“I’m sure the president is fine, it’s just some tests he’s doing, that’s why he’s not here”said deputy Marcos Pereira, president of the party, during the ceremony.

According to the news site G1The First Lady, Michelle Bolsonaro, who did attend the event, said that the president “is fine”and the Minister of Communication, Fabio Faria, explained that Bolsonaro felt “discomfort”.

In January, Bolsonaro was hospitalized for two days in Sao Paulo for an intestinal obstruction. At that time, the medical team that has followed the president since 2018 said that the problem had been caused by a poorly chewed shrimp and ruled out further surgery.

Bolsonaro, in power since 2019, was also admitted in mid-July last year to be treated for an intestinal obstruction. On that occasion, he stayed four days in the hospital and did not need to be operated on.

Due to the stab wound he received in a street electoral act in 2018, the far-right ruler underwent at least four surgeries, including the placement and subsequent removal of a colostomy bag, which made him more prone to intestinal disorders.

Earlier, the Brazilian Minister of Education, Milton Ribeiro, resigned amid serious suspicions of corruption that also affect evangelical pastors. that make up the political base of President Jair Bolsonaro.

Ribeiro, also a pastor of a Presbyterian church, has been on the tightrope since last week, but Bolsonaro has so far supported him, to the point of declaring that he was putting his “face in the fire” for the minister, who was the fourth occupant of that spite since 2019, when the leader of the extreme right came to power.

Ribeiro’s resignation, announced by himself in a statement, occurs on the eve of a major government reform, which Bolsonaro will possibly announce on Friday, forced by the decision of 10 of its 23 ministers to resign to aspire to an elective position in the elections next October.

The suspicions arose from an audio obtained by the newspaper Newspaper in which Ribeiro comments that the budgets of the Ministry of Education have among their priorities the projects promoted by pastors of Pentecostal churches related to the Government.

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