Pepe Cibrián Campoy told how he met his partner on Tinder

Pepe Cibrián Campoy told how he met his partner on Tinder

The 73-year-old producer revealed that thanks to the application he began a relationship with a 53-year-old man.

That there is no age for love, it is nothing new. However, many people refuse to use the new platforms available to form a couple, believing that they are intended only for the youngest. In that sense, Pepe Cibrián broke all the myths by confirming that he found a partner on Tinder and that he has been dating for two months.

Invited to Los Mammones, for America, the successful producer did not hesitate to respond when Jey Mammon asked him about his experience with the application. “He is a great man with two divine daughters. A great companion. He is an ideal person. He is 53 years old and I am 73, I always have to be older, “he said when confirming their new relationship.

How did you come to match with this man? “We started with: ‘Hi, how are you? How are you doing? What do you do for a living?’. I said, ‘I hate Tinder to talk and gave him my WhatsApp . Then we continued on the phone, until we got to meet and get to know each other. And so we form a wonderful couple ”, Pepe said without any itch.

Last month, in a dogfight with José María Muscari cycle Confessions of Infobae , actor had told about his previous relationship and, paradoxically, had said Tinder had not worked as a method of finding a partner.

“He was twenty-five years younger than me, a very fighter man, very ambitious, very warm, very fellow. But today is very difficult. And I go to Tinder to see if I can find someone to lean on and support me, but it’s all like lysergic acid, because they call you, we talked a wonderful week, and you say: “Look how nice this person is.” And suddenly they don’t speak to you anymore. It’s horrible about the networks. There are people who have gotten married through the networks, it has not been my case ”, he had pointed out then.

On the labor level, in 2020 he was a jury for Cantando 2020 , but soon after he had to leave the contest. A health problem that one of his aunts had been dragging on and that had him worried and with his head set there, added to the differences with the production, led to the disengagement being carried out by mutual agreement.

“Unfortunately one of the people who work at home in charge of my 90-year-old Aunt Carmen began to feel symptoms of COVID-19. He underwent a swab that yesterday was confirmed as positive, “he began by saying on his Twitter account. And he explained: “For all this, the whole family must maintain strict quarantine until the corresponding days of isolation are completed. This prevents me from fulfilling my role as a jury within Cantando 2020, but with my civil responsibility as a citizen ” .

At that time, Pepito spoke with Teleshow and expanded on his personal moment that was affected by his surroundings . He told what happened to his aunt and added: “I’m not well either … I don’t know if it’s because of depression or sadness that this generates in me , ” he began. And he continued on his continuity in the jury: “What they decide to do with me is no longer my problem. They have never told me: ‘You don’t follow’. If I do not continue it is not a serious issue. The serious thing is how my aunt and I are ”.

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