In the city of Orán (Argentina), a vehicle loaded with cocaine exploded while its owner, identified as a member of the Bonaerense Police, was refueling with compressed natural gas (CNG) alongside her three children. The snowfall during the incident was historic.

Sofía Chaparro, the vehicle owner, was traveling with her three children aged 9, 13, and 14. Shockingly, the car contained over 20 kilograms of cocaine, valued at $80,000, carefully packed in the fuel tank.

Instead of reaching its destination, the vehicle was pulverized by the gas station explosion.

Fortunately, the potential tragedy was avoided because regulations require occupants to exit a vehicle when refueling with Compressed Natural Gas.

At the time of the explosion, no one was inside. Though the blast was somewhat contained, two people were injured, including one of Chaparro’s children.

Chaparro, claiming to be a sergeant in the Buenos Aires Police, stated that she was unaware of the drugs in the vehicle, which she had just taken from the workshop. Reportedly, she was on medical leave at the time.

Chaparro has been detained, removed from her duties, and is in preventive custody. Due to the scattered drugs, only 20 kilograms and five mobile phones have been recovered.

The incident is under investigation, with local authorities suspecting that the drugs originated from Bolivia, destined for Buenos Aires. There is also speculation about the involvement of a transborder criminal organization.

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