“It looked like the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre'”: two doggos killed a 15-year-old girl while she was walking her dog

The owner of the dogs, who bit the teenager’s face and neck, was charged with homicide. A neighbor stabbed the dogs to death when they entered his house.

A 15 year old teenager died after being attacked by two doggos while she was walking her dog in the neighborhood of Estación Flores in Córdoba. The owner of the animals was charged with homicide. The dogs bit the girl’s face and neck and did not jump her. When she was finally released, with the help of neighbors, the dogs got into another house and a man stabbed them to death.

The alleged owner of the animals was charged with manslaughter and culpable injuries, according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Córdoba.

This brutal attack happened on Sunday at noon when Trinidad was walking down the street with her dog and was attacked by the two doggos that came out of a house and began to bite her.

Despite the repeated cries of desperation of the teenager, the animals bit her face and neck. After a while, the neighbors managed to get the dogs to release her and a man was also injured.

Although the situation seemed to be under control, from one moment to another the dogs ran to the house of a neighbor who, in order to defend his family, took out a knife and stabbed them to death.

The pain of Trinidad’s aunt

The minor attacked by the Dogo Argentino dogs was taken to the Emergency Hospital, where she underwent surgery, although her death was later confirmed. The doctors who attended her indicated that Trinidad suffered injuries to her face, head and neck and that she had perforated arteries.

“She arrived at the hospital after having suffered two cardiorespiratory arrests,” her aunt recounted in tears of helplessness and pain. “It makes me angry, these people had a complaint because the dogs went out, attacked and did nothing. This had to happen and I was the one who lost,” she said.

“She had a lot of light, she gave love to many people. Everyone loved her. I no longer have her with me, it hurts my soul. I can’t do anything to give her back to me,” she said as she told how her niece loved animals and used to rescue dogs to find homes for them.

Although she underwent emergency surgery this Monday morning, it was confirmed that she died as a result of her injuries.

Neighbors pointed to a couple as the owner of the dogs and said that she was on vacation and was now in the care of her daughter.

In any case, they said that they had already had six or seven incidents of similar characteristics with the dogs and “nobody did anything”.

After the death of Trinidad, who was only 15 years old, the Justice now charged the owners with manslaughter and culpable injuries.

A neighbor had to kill the dogs with knives

The neighbor who stabbed the dogs to death when they entered his house told Cadena 3: “It was the dog or my family, I knew I had to defend them. That was the courage.

“Pretend I was watching ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’. Half a block away there were children playing and if these dogs were still at large, it would have been terrible news”, added Maximiliano Tarufo in a conversation with Cadena 3 and La Voz.

What the owner of the dogs said

Local media that went to the place of the facts spoke with the owner of the dogs who left brief comments: “I ask a thousand pardons to the family. It was not my intention. We were on a trip and what happened happened happened”.

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