Well they say that for love there is no age, that’s why a woman did not hesitate to marry a man almost 20 years younger than her, since her greatest dream was to dress in white.

And it is that through the Nueva Rioja medium of Argentina this case was made known, where those involved and protagonists are Silvia Salsamendi, 59, and Pablo, 30.

The curious and at the same time controversial aspect of the case is that the boyfriend is nothing more and nothing less than the friend of the daughter of the now happy wife. Both met in 2003, but a year later it was when they began to frequent each other more and with this a love was born that now led them to the altar.

“Against all odds, I fulfilled my childhood dream: getting married in the Church and in white! It was exciting. It was my first wedding dress. It was an austere but very happy wedding. I had the boys all dressed the same and with bows. Pablo’s family was there, but neither my father nor my mother nor my brothers wanted to come. They felt it was like a mockery,” said the woman.

After 17 years, her story went viral on social networks, since despite the fact that they could not be parents because the woman developed menopause at the age of 47, they remain together proving that what they did was true love.

Pablo wanted a baby, but it couldn’t be. Silvia had her menopause at 47. Every once in a while, when Silvia feels that he might one day regret being with someone so much older, she is plagued by her unfounded jealousy. But he tells her very seriously and reassures her: ‘I’m never going to be interested in a woman other than you. We’re going to be together until she dies on me’.

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