Fede Bal returns to Masterchef Celebrity

Fede Bal returns to Masterchef Celebrity

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Globe Live Media, Tuesday, January 26, 2021

“All my life I will remember these months because of the laughter, it is very crazy to work in something that you are a fan, I think it is the first time that happens to me. Now I’m going to eat some popcorn and see Masterchef until the end ”, Fede Bal said when saying goodbye to the cycle led by Santiago del Moro. The actor had been the tenth eliminated from reality and left the show one step away from the semifinals. However, he will continue to be linked to the second edition of the program and not only because his mother, Carmen Barbieri, is one of the participants in this next installment.

The ex Dancing would have been summoned to be the host of the Masterchef a la carte digital program, until now hosted by Flor Vigna, where content and exclusive interviews were shown to the participants who were outside the contest that has as a jury Germán Martitegui, Donato de Santis and Damián Betular.

In this way, Bal will not have to cook or be constantly on trial like in the show. Although his work will not be easy, since among so many participants, you will have to interview your own mother.


The continuity of the actor on Telefe was confirmed by the journalist Pampito who also assured through their networks that Belu Lucius, the first semifinalist of the first edition of Masterchef to have been eliminated, will join Verónica Lozano’s program to talk about the program, along with Marcelo Polino.


In addition, in the last hours they confirmed from the channel to Sol Pérez as a participant. The host of Channel 26 had coronavirus and after learning of her positive, Carmen Barbieri, who also contracted COVID and Georgina Barbarossa had to isolate themselves and swab themselves for having had close contact with her.

Sol Pérez joins Masterchef Celebrity

Sol Pérez joins Masterchef Celebrity.

“A person from Master it tested positive and that is why we were isolated until Tuesday when we swabbed again. I’m going for the fifth swab! ”, Lamented the mother of Faith Bal in dialogue with Teleshow, without clarifying that it was the former Weather Girl, whom he once summoned for one of his magazines.

The broadcaster has yet to confirm Georgina as a contestant. Besides Carmen and Sol , They are already on the list for the new season of reality show Andrea Rincón, Flavia Palmiero, Cae, Juanse, Daniel Aráoz, Candela Vetrano, Gastón Dalmau, María O’Donnell, Mariano Dalla Libera, Fernando Carlos and Daniela La Chepi. Among the names rumored to make the staff are Claudia Fontán, Brian Sarmiento and Osvado Laport.

The first installment of the celebrity version of the reality show that won Claudia Villafañe it quickly became the most watched program of 2020. In addition to Fede Bal and Dalma and Gianinna’s mother, they participated Analía Franchín, Sofía Pachano, el Polaco, Belu Lucius, Vicky Xipolitakis, el Turco García, Leticia Siciliani, Roberto Moldavsky, Nacho Sureda, el Mono de Kapanga, Iliana Calabró, Patricia Sosa, Boy Olmi and Rocío Marengo.

On more than one occasion, the focus was on whether or not the participants received help when cooking. In dialogue with Teleshow, Emmanuel Escobar, former participant of El gran Premio de la cocina and one of the members of the reality show’s team of gastronomic producers, explained his work: “My role is not to put the dishes together for Vicky. It is to put together what is a market, a pantry and a work table. During the recording I enjoyed filming on the floor, It was very nice to see the whole experience from the outside, I felt very identified with the participants, and on the floor they charged me saying ‘ex-participant complex’ for having empathy when they took ingredients out of the slogan ”.

“Seeing my mentors Francisco and Sole who are the head of the teamOr, to be a gastronomic producer is to take care of everything. From assembling and creating the content, to ordering, receiving, ordering and labeling from suppliers. It is very similar to having a restaurant ”, described. If during the recording any of the participants has a question … “We can’t help you in anything that’s what the jury is for when it passes through their stations ”.

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