After weeks in the kitchen to prove their worth as great haute cuisine chefs, tonight the final gala of MasterChef Celebrity 6′, will put its culinary finishing touch in a special program with the teacher Jesús Sánchez and the Roca brothers.

Miki Nadal

The comedian is one of the contestants who has given the greatest game during the talent show. From the chop with Dabiz Muñoz in one of the tests in which the chef called him “little pile of shit”, a nickname that the comedian had previously given his friend outside the kitchen, and that came to light during the program; until the funny dinner in which Berta Collado, the humorist and politician Felisuco and his best friend, Nacho Iturbe put him on the ropes by choosing his dish as the worst, which unleashed Nadal’s nerves, who ended up charging at Felisuco.

Juanma Castaño

The sports journalist starred a great moment with his mother Helena Condis. He reproached his mother for not trusting that he could win the program.

The hosts of the program called him ashy and mediocre and Juanma asked his mother to defend him: “Ashen no, son,” says the mother. And the journalist insists: “And mediocre?” “No ash,” she repeats. A fun moment that unleashed the laughter of all his companions.

Bethlehem Lopez

If something can summarize the passage of the actress through culinary talent, it is her perfectionism and her commitment to each and every one of the dishes.

Something that has led him to star some other dispute with his companions, especially with Verónica Forqué, with whom he lived several moments of tension between the stoves. But his determination, patience and tenacity have earned him the position of finalist of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’.

David Bustamante

The singer can boast of being an expert in reality shows, and he knows how to win over the audience at all times. In addition to his desire to improve, Bustamante’s passage through the kitchens of ‘MasterChef’ is a path of tears.

The Cantabrian, as we already know, is pure feeling, so much so that I do not even doubt defend his friend Pitingo after his controversial time on the program in which he was accused of cheating, which cost him 4,000 euros out of his own pocket.

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