Although she believes that it is unlikely, “you do magic” she has told the judges of the kitchen talent

Tamara Falco returned to the kitchens of MasterChef Celebrity 6 as a guest yesterday after being the winner of the fourth edition of the culinary talent. Since then, her life has changed a lot: she is now officially a Marchioness and her relationship with Iñigo Onieva consolidates.

In addition, she is a chef after her studies at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu cooking school. “I can work as a chef in any country in the world,” proudly assured the deceased Carlos Falco‘s daughter.

Before presenting the dish that the applicants of this edition had to replicate, the judges, Jordi Cruz, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera and Pepe Rodriguez have been asked how her boyfriend is doing cooking.

Tammy replied that Iñigo does not cook, but that he loves eating. The daughter of Isabel Preylser has assured that the businessman loves to go to new restaurants every week. Something that can be verified in the social networks of both.

Hearing Tamara say that Íñigo Onieva doesn’t cook, the judges have proposed that he attend as a contestant in the next edition of celebrities.

Something to which she has reacted by saying that she very much doubts that will happen, although “you do magic” – she told them – leaving the door open for her partner to put on the MasterChef Celebrity 7 apron.

For now, what the young automotive designer has done is pose at the photocall with Tamara Falcó and the rest of the family. It was last Friday in the celebration of the 40th birthday of Isabel Preysler’s daughter, a party in which the couple became the protagonist for their displays of affection and even for the choreography that they marked to start the dance.

But also last night Iñigo posed, alone, in some gastronomic awards, which means not only the presentation of Onieva as a public figure but also his interest in gastronomy.

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