MasterChef Celebrity: Carmina Barrios explains to Tamara Falcó what “chochi” means

MasterChef Celebrity: Carmina Barrios explains to Tamara Falcó what “chochi” means

This Monday, MasterChef Celebrity began with the final goodbye of its undisputed protagonist: Veronica Forqué. It happened after the actress declared herself defeated last week and skipped the elimination test after a stressful outdoor test.

However, that of the artist was not the only goodbye of the night: also took off the apron of MasterChef forever Carmina Barrios, being the worst valued in an elimination test whose level was very high, according to the judges. But first, the mother of Paco Leon starred in an epic moment with one of the guests.

MasterChef Celebrity 6 faces its final stretch, with a semifinal in which the hopefuls replicated a plate of Tamara Falco, winner of the fourth edition. The Marchioness of Griñón has returned to the kitchens of culinary talent where she has recounted the new changes in her personal and professional life: her relationship with Iñigo Onieva is consolidated, she is already a Marchioness and also an official chef, “I can cook as a chef in any country in the world. world,” she assured.

All the applicants have acknowledged being a “fan” of Isabel Preysler’s daughter, but the one who has had a most surreal conversation with her and that will go down in the history of MasterChef Celebrity has been Carmina Barrios.

Although she has also cooked, Tamara Falcó has gone kitchen by kitchen to advise the semifinalists of the TVE talent. It was while passing by the place of Paco León’s mother that both have starred in the night scene.

“Let’s see if Tammy invites you to her house with her mommy,” Jordi Cruz would say to both of them. “Your mother is going to be amazed when she hears me speak,” Carmina answered.

What’s up Isabel? Nice to meet you, chochi. No! Chochi, no. I don’t tell Chochi,” she said about an alleged encounter with Presley, although she censored herself.

“Your mother would say: Wow, what art it has! She would laugh inside, because she has chochi too,” added the Andalusian. Although Tamara Falcó followed the roll, she finally dared to ask what what she had said meant:

“What does the chochi mean? Is it like loving? “. “Chochi? Man yes, he is affectionate. But you really don’t know what chochi is?”, Said the applicant.

“Chochi means finely, charlota”, the actress explained to him, provoking the reaction of the Marchioness: “Man! I don’t cook with anything other than charlotte”. At this point, Carmina had to clarify the meaning.

“No! That is not for cooking. Sight, What do you have between your legs? Well that, chochi!”, She said, being even clearer. “Tamara is very innocent. There are very normal things that are said and she does not grasp them ”, Jordi Cruz pointed out then.

I know her because I read the Hello!. I’ve known her since she was little. In my house I have the whole album since it was born, until now ”, Juanma Castaño said later.

Nobody expected the sportscaster to be passionate about the pink press and he admits it without problem: “I’m from sports, but I have a great time reading gossip magazines. You find out about everything”.

And to continue with his confession, the journalist added:

“I also saw you at a Enrique (Iglesias) concert and when you and your mother arrived, everyone began to applaud. I’m a fan of Enrique, I’m a fan of the whole family. You are very nice because you are very spontaneous. Pija and that, but it does not matter, what difference does it make. You are a manual dick, what are we going to do to you?”.

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