Nomad's Suitcase-type Charcoal Grill that combines classic Charcoal Grills with Modern Ideas

Nomad’s Suitcase-type Charcoal Grill that combines classic Charcoal Grills with Modern Ideas

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Globe Live Media, Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Dallas-based Nomad has modernized the classic cooking method. That said, it doesn’t connect to the internet or have smart features. Nomad Grill & Smoker is a portable version of an old-fashioned charcoal-grilled grill with a nice industrial design in a neat shape. At the same time, even beginners can make delicious charcoal-grilled dishes while being able to cook at the advanced level.

basic specifications

The appearance of Nomad’s grill looks like a combination of a stylish equipment case that the movie crew might carry around with the latest Mac Pro. Made of integrally cast alumite-processed aluminum, it has excellent durability on the outside and heat retention on the inside. The size is about 60 cm in length and width, the thickness is about 24 cm, and the total weight is about 13 kg. A cast stainless steel grill that fits inside is included in the basic set.

13kg seems a bit heavy, but it’s very light considering Nomad’s cooking area. It can be expanded to about 1370 square centimeters in the mode that can be covered with one grill (smoke can be made), and to about 2740 square centimeters in the open mode. If you purchase another grill, you can cook on both sides (suitable for grilled BBQ).

The case has two sturdy double-latch fasteners and a reinforced handle for easy portability. Silicone non-slip protects the surface when the body is placed and cooked. There is one magnetic vent on each side that can be slid by hand to adjust the air flow and flame intensity.

Design and performance

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Nomad’s design is surprisingly simple. It’s a metal box, so to speak. However, a very advanced mechanism can be seen by just looking inside it. One of them is the double structure that does not get hot on the outside. Not only is it safe for the cook, but the place where it is actually cooked is not so restricted by the ingredients. That’s a big advantage for portable grills.

In particular, the grill has a honeycomb design with good heat conduction, and it is slightly raised in a dome shape, so it is possible to increase the distance from the charcoal fire below. It can be removed and fixed to the main body with a magnet. This is reassuring when carrying. Even if you hit it a little, the contents will not be scattered.

Another big feature, which seems to be a little detailed, is the thermometer attached to the case. You can clearly see the temperature of the grill at a glance. Since it is an analog type, no batteries are required. Thank you for carrying this as well.

In fact, the grill has all the elements you need for a good charcoal grill. It’s amazing for a portable device of this size. One thing I definitely recommend is the chimney-type fire starter. This will make it much easier to start a fire. It comes in handy when using any barbecue stove.

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I was really impressed with Nomad’s performance when I smoked. When the lid is closed, it keeps a constant temperature for a long time. Even if you want to adjust the cooking condition, you can easily adjust the temperature with the ventilation holes provided in the main body. The proper distance from the charcoal fire to the ingredients also gives it a great taste.


The price of Nomad Grill & Smoker is $ 599 (about 62,000 yen). It sounds pretty expensive, but it’s the only one on the market that offers this much performance while being convenient. Whether at home or on the road, Nomad is a must-have for your hobby cook’s set of utensils. If you feel like it, you can replace it with a stationary charcoal grill, and you will be an all-in-one helper.

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