Fortnite Season 7 Guide: Kymera skin customization and alien relics

Fortnite Season 7 Guide: Kymera skin customization and alien relics

A few seasons ago, we discovered a novelty, the Maya skin. Behind this skin, it was above all the possibility to fully customize one of the skins of the battle pass that was offered to us. This season, Epic Games has decided to renew the experience with the Kymera skin.

Indeed, Kymera is the skin that you will be able to unlock by purchasing the Fortnite battle pass and just like Maya a few seasons ago, it will be fully customizable to your tastes!

However, the method of personalization has changed.

If for Maya it was necessary to do certain missions in particular, for Kymera, it will be necessary to harvest a new resource that has appeared since this morning, the extraterrestrial relics. To find them, there is no specific guide to follow.

These relics appear all over the map, by chance it seems. You can also get your hands on some by opening Cosmic Chests. Anyway, it will be necessary to play to find some. Once it’s done, all you have to do is go to the Kymera submenu of the battle pass to purchase new personalization items.

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