That’s it, the new season of Fortnite (Season 7) has just appeared and with it a first list of challenges that will exceptionally appear on a Tuesday instead of a Thursday. So let’s see what awaits us for this first week.

Fill up on experience with the challenges of week 1

Each week, 7 challenges are offered to you in Fortnite and which will allow you to fill up on experience since you can gain up to 30,000 experience by completing them all. A quick and easy way to get through your pass.

Let’s start these weekly challenges softly with a goal that shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. Indeed, picking up 5 different types of weapons is not very complicated and you can even achieve this challenge during your first game.

  • Search chests in Steamy Stacks or Craggy Cliffs

It had been a while since we had the right to this type of challenge and it would seem that it is therefore back for season 7. To validate it, nothing very complicated, go to Steamy Stacks Town or Craggy Cliffs and search chests.

  • Deal 500 damage with the Pulse Rifle

For this challenge, you’ll need to find one of this season’s weapons and do 500 damage with it. As for finding the weapon, we don’t have any specific advice for you, you just have to be lucky and find it on the ground or in chests.

  • Eliminate opponents with the Railgun

Same remark as for the last challenge, you will have to use one of the new weapons of this season; This time however, you will be able to recover them by killing guards. Each time, you have a chance that he is armed with a Railgun.

For the next challenge, you will have to exploit another novelty, the telephone booths which, like the NPCs present for a few seasons, can give you quests. Don’t know where to find these cabins? Follow our guide.

After a short season of absence following the overhaul of the crafting system, improvement workbenches are back in Fortnite and that’s good because this challenge requires you to use them. To know where to find them, we advise you to take a look at our guide.

  • Buy a shield potion from a Vending Machine

Another big comeback this season is the vending machines that distribute items for gold bars. You shouldn’t struggle to find them knowing that they are present in every big city on the map.

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