With the arrival of a new season, we often see many changes in Fortnite. This time, it’s the battle pass that has the right to a lot of small novelties. We suggest you take a look at it in more detail in this article.

A flashback

For the past few seasons, Epic Games had abandoned its previous Fortnite Battle Pass progression system, which was based on getting stars. To make it all clearer, these stars had been turned into an experience.

Except this season, the stars are making their comeback on Fortnite. As was the case before, you will be able to earn it in two ways, progressing through the season levels, but also the different challenges that will appear every week.

More freedom in advancing the battle pass

But as you can imagine, this new system was not added without reason. Indeed, you will now have much greater freedom in your choices. Concretely, every 10 levels you unlock a new battle pass page.

You are then free to spend your stars to get the rewards in the order you want ! However, the skin of each page will only be able to unlock once you have taken all the other rewards from that same page.

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