For several seasons now, we are used to seeing bosses in Fortnite. These NPCs, a little stronger than average, promise you a lot of riches and weapons if you ever manage to kill them. The first boss of this season 7 is Slone!

Where is Slone?

The first thing to know is of course where you will have to go in Fortnite to find Slone. Well, this will happen in the town of Corny Complex which serves as a cover for what appears to be a secret agency against aliens.

Once there, meeting at the large red barn and on the side of it you should find an underground access. You will then have access to a whole new complex and this is where you can fight Slone.

Once there, you will see that Slone has the power to multiply by creating clones of herself which also deal damage and have their own health and shield bar. You only have to kill the real Slone for these columns to disappear.

Once that’s done, you’ll earn a Mythic Weapon, Slone’s Pulse Rifle. This weapon has two firing modes. If you shoot by guesswork, you will have a high rate of fire, but less accuracy. If you aim you will be more precise, but with a much lower rate of fire.

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