Roger Waters, singing of Pink Floyd, listened to The Dark Side Of the Moon

Roger Waters, singing of Pink Floyd, listened to The Dark Side Of the Moon


Roger Waters singer of the legendary group pink floyd claims he’s re-recording iconic 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon. This album is the second best-selling album in history and the cover is considered one of the most iconic in music.

The reason why the artist re-records the songs is that “People don’t recognize what the album is about, they don’t understand what it meant at the time.“, he mentioned in an interview with The Telegraph.

During the conversation, he stated that he had been working on this project for several months and without the help or knowledge of his bandmates David Gilmour and Nick Mason. In fact, he will record all the instruments and vocals, he will only have the help of a good friend of his named Gus Seyffert, who will be in charge of playing the organ. As for the vocals, Saunders, one of the few to have had the opportunity to listen to the new album, says that with age his tone has become a little strained and reminiscent of Johnny Cash.

The founder of pink floyd He plans to give a nice presentation around the new project, although it won’t be easy since the rights to the album, name and group are divided between the 3 main members. Gilmour and Mason disagree with this idea and several darts have been thrown on social media. Polly Samson, wife of David Gilmour, tweeted the following:

Polly asserts that Roger Waters is anti-Semitic, doesn’t file taxes, doesn’t play-back, misogynist and thief, her husband, Gilmour retweeted adding that “everything said is true“.

It looks like the hit band aren’t going through their best time and the three grants are not well linked. Internal conflict dissolves friendship and re-recording of The Dark Side of the Moon will not help solve the problems, but will probably make the relationship worse.

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