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The new recording project of Ellie Goulding was again delayed. Initially scheduled for February 3, the British singer has decided to postpone her release date by almost two months to work on a great collaboration with Calvin Harris, the results of which we have not yet appreciated. Now that we are entering the release month of Higher than the Sky, announced for the March 24the soloist returned to delay it for the second time.

On this occasion there is a reason which is not musical but ecological. Because the performer seeks to reduce her carbon footprint as much as possible and for this she wanted all the editions of her records to be made with as much recycled material as possible: cardboard and recycled paper for the covers and collector’s items, recycled vinyl for the vinyl format, recycled plastic for the packaging…

And not all materials have similar availability to face the thousands of units that want to broadcast his new musical adventure: “Here we go again Here are all the different versions of Higher than Heaven available and bookable from my shop (link in organic). As you know, making these products as environmentally friendly as possible is extremely important to me, so I have worked very hard to keep my promise. As a result and due to delays in the production of these products , I slightly delayed the launch until April 7 simply to have these valuable products as soon as humanly possible for you. Thank you for your patience and all your love.”

This was confirmed by Ellie Goulding via her official Instagram account in which she repeats the strategy she had with brightest bluehis previous version, making a very similar video showing the end result of his work in just over a month so we can have it in our hands anywhere in the world.

Ellie Goulding has been working on her new musical project, the fifth studio album of her career, for over a year and over the past few months she’s been dropping little pills on us about what to expect. And when it seemed like we were playing the launch with our fingers, the bad news of its second delay arrived.

As you might expect, Ellie Goulding has surrounded herself with a great team of collaborators. Easy Lover, for example, was written and produced in collaboration with the legends Greg Kurstin and Julia Michaels. Plus, it features Big Sean’s voice that pairs perfectly with Ellie’s vocals with punchy bass, punchy synths, epic tonal shifts, and infectious melodies.

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