Blanco apologizes to Sanremo Festival 2023 for embarrassing performance: ‘I’m not perfect’

Blanco apologizes to Sanremo Festival 2023 for embarrassing performance: ‘I’m not perfect’

“I apologize to the city of flowers.” With this sentence and a poem written by himself, White wanted to apologize for how he handled the technical issues that arose during his performance at the Sanremo Festival 2023 Tuesday February 7th.

The young man attended the opening gala as a guest to present his new single, rose island, a year after representing -Chills next to Mahmoud— in Italy at Eurovision 2022. The singer, who did not of course hear the audio input through the in the earsfar from keeping calm and trying to bring out the musical number as best he could to the delight of participants and spectators, he undergoes a fit of rage destroying all the decoration composed of roses which he had staged on purpose for him.

your interpretation aroused great displeasure in the public, who began to boo and whistle him since he unleashed his anger until he came down from the stage of the Ariston theatre. “I had feedback issues in my headphones and decided to enjoy them anyway. Sometimes you don’t have to follow a script,” he later explained, attempting to justify his attitude towards Amadeus, presenter and artistic director of the gala.

24 hours later, Riccardo Fabbriconi took to Instagram to show his regret and apology through a few verses he had written in his notebook about what happened at the Italian Song Festival. “The flowers fall, Ariston / The flowers fall to pieces, Ariston / The curtain falls, Ariston / I made you cry like my mother, Ariston / You saw me as fragile as a child… And here, right here, where they learned to run, I fell… / I broke my face and I cry, Ariston / And then… river, river, river, river, river, river and cry, because I’m not perfect like you wanted me to be. But ultimately I am myself. I love you so much, Ariston.recites the text, which ends with the phrase “With all my desire” and his signature.

Amadeus, artistic director of San Remo, speaks out on what happened

Amadeus, one of the main officials of the Sanremo festival, commented in a press conference yesterday on what happened with Blanco: “It’s not a gag gone wrong. We expected to kick the roses. They told me I would do something special, like roll around the stage.” Despite the warning, the presenter explained that during the performance, “on the monitor backstage, the words aren’t very understood.” However, he confessed that “I did not understand the technical problem. I felt that the end was not planned and that something was wrong. I couldn’t know”.

Likewise, he said that received the call from Blanco to apologize to the entire human team that is part of the organization of the event. “He’s a talented boy, he made a mistake and he knows it. He didn’t want to disrespect Sanremo. He did not ask to be understood, but to be forgiven, because he’s the first to realize that he did something he shouldn’t,” he explained.

In addition to accepting his apologies, the Italian presenter added that “in a few days he will be twenty years old”, and that for this reason, we should all do the same thing: that is, “accept his apology with serenity”.

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