February is gone in the blink of an eye, and now we bring you the HBO Max will air in March 2023. There are several highly anticipated premieres, as well as content that may be of interest to subscribers to the platform.

Among the most anticipated premieres we have the fourth and final season of ‘Succession’, where we’ll see who ultimately becomes the new leader of Clan Roy. Another interesting novelty is ‘Motel Valkirias’, a sort of frontier western that tells the story of three women with big personal problems.

‘Love and Death’ It is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated releases of the platform. This is a mini-series featuring Elizabeth OlsenDirected by Leslie Linka Glatter with a dash of David E. Kelley. This miniseries will tell the story of Candy Montgomery in 1980, a quiet Texas housewife who ended up killing his friend and fellow parishioner with an ax very brutally. It will be released with 3 episodes and then a weekly episode will be released until all 7 chapters are completed.

In the cinema section, the most interesting novelty is the return of the franchise of ‘Party at home’which presents a crazy new episode in which the protagonists will dare to party at Lebron James.

For followers of ‘Blade’ by Wesley Snipes, you can now enjoy the complete trilogy on HBO Max. While the little ones in the house can have fun as many times as they want with the trilogy of ‘Hotel Transylvania’.

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Here we leave you all the premieres of HBO Max in March 2023 for Spain and Latin America:


  • ‘Motel Valkirias’ (1/3)
  • ‘Mariachis’ (2/3) (Latin America)
  • ‘Rain Dogs (Looking for Life)’ (6/3)
  • ‘Perry Mason’ T2 (6/3)
  • ‘Riverdale’ T5 (10/3)
  • ‘Superman & Lois’ T3 (16/3)
  • ‘Snowfall’ T6 (18/3)
  • “Only You: a collection of animated shorts” (23/3)
  • ‘Estate’ T4 (26/3)

  • “Love and Death” (27/3) (Latin America)


  • ‘Party at home’ (3/3)
  • ‘A Waltons Thanksgiving’ (3/3)
  • ‘Blade’ (3/3)
  • ‘Blade II’ (3/3)
  • ‘Trinity Blade’ (3/3)
  • “Hell’s Kitchen” (3/3)
  • ‘Frequency’ (3/3)
  • ‘Hotel Transylvania’ (4/3)
  • ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ (4/3)
  • “Hotel Transylvania 3: a monstrous vacation” (4/3)
  • ‘The Arrival’ (3/3)
  • ‘Poseidon’ (3/3)


  • ‘FBOY Island Spain’ (3/3)
  • ‘Acoustic reception’ T2 (24/3)

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