Oreo brings back the Red Velvet cookie for a limited time

The Red Velvet-flavored Oreo cookie will be available starting September 12.

After three years off the market and at the request of the brand’s fans, Oreo announces that its Red Velvet cookie will be available starting September 12 for a limited time.

The Red Velvet sandwich cookie is the “most requested” flavor, according to the brand, since it hit stores in 2020.

Oreo had already been giving signs that something would happen with the Red Velvet, because at the beginning of 2023 they published a recipe that had at its core the preparation of Red Velvet cookies with pieces of the traditional Oreo cookie.

This publication generated a wave of comments asking for the return of the cookie, in addition to the fact that through their social networks they made publications in which the color red stood out, which insinuated that a new flavor was coming.

The announcement of the return of the Oreo Red Velvet cookie was made through social networks by Justin Ellen, a baker who competed in the Netflix reality show “Is It Cake?”.

Origin and evolution of the Red Velvet cake.

Known as the red velvet cake, the origin of the Red Velvet cake had its origin during World War II, when in the midst of crisis and shortage pastry chef, used beets to make a red, fluffy and moist sponge cake.

The leap to fame of this cake, was thanks to Irma S. Rombauer, American author cookbooks and known for publishing The Joy of Cooking that popularized it 1943, indicates Directo al Paladar.

A curious fact about Red Velvet is that nowadays it is not cooked with beet, but it is given that red color with edible coloring and cocoa is added.

What is certain is that for Oreo cookie lovers, the Red Velvet version will be available for fans to enjoy.

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