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David Bisbal engaged the machinery which consists in releasing a disc. i feel alive soon to see the light and, for now, he has presented us Chess, the first single. But he wants us to know the rest of the songs and he’s already teased details about what his new job will be.

The one he will present during his Spanish tour this summer and the one been able to listen to his wife and children, the great pillar of his life. Among them, of his recent appointment as Favorite Son of Almeria and Andalusia or of The voice of children, we spoke with him, verifying, once again, that he continues to be this close, natural and positive artist that we have known for 20 years now. He told us 10 curiosities about this new album and 5 bonuses of other songs.

#1. Chesssingle primer.

It was born as a result of a wonderful composition that we did a session, a concentration camp of composition sessions in Madrid and elsewhere and, honestly, I had a great time. And above all, it was very productive because in this composition session, many songs are released for the album. Others I’ve done in the past when I was in Mexico when I was coaching at The voiceWe lived a long time there in Mexico. In recent months new songs have emerged which have completed the album in a very nice way.

#2. Esther Acebo in the music video.

The first thing I said to him was, thank God, we’re on the same curls team, you know? And with that we started very well. I found her professional, nice, pleasant, but at the same time very attached to the staging mario ruiz, the director of the music video. Of course, I congratulated her on her work, not only in money theft, but for all the work he has done lately, which are wonderful. And people in Latin America hallucinate that I could work with Esther Holly because the series right now is at a very strong moment there. And from here I send you a kiss and a hug because you have been very helpful on your social networks and I am very grateful for this collaboration.

#3. The king and queen of the chess industry.

I have no idea, honestly, because I think in a game of chess even the pawn can be the main protagonist in a checkmate. I’m very proud of the state of the Latin music scene. since our partner Luis Fonsi took us all out into the world with his Slowlyeven emerging artists like my partner the father, for example, who also leave our country. I can’t have a king and queen, I have the whole county.

#4. A varied record.

I always say that when you make a record you always have to be clear about several things, one of them is those songs that people like to dance to, enjoy, for digital platforms and for radio. Those who are perhaps more romantic and have a more exquisite and elaborate production, for other colleagues who like to appreciate more this work of music, harmonies, sound, instruments. These ballads which represented you also play a fundamental role. This album contains ballads that I haven’t had in my discography for a long time.

#5. Essence of the 80s and 90s.

All the sound that sounds retro now is relevant, it’s back, but what’s for sure is that the sound of the eighties, nineties, I’ve never had in my directory and I had very festive songs and with this same tempo as Ave Maria it was a very Latin song. Silence, which was the same tempo, but a more pop rock song. Have Slave to your kisseswith a spectacular tempo too, but Chess it has more electronic drums that sound more 80s and I never shared this sound with my people beforeso I liked it. I always like to make a difference with the rest of the songs I’ve featured in the past and that’s why I’m excited Chess.

#6. Sound of I feel alive.

i feel alive It has a very varied sound, but yes, there is a tonic that goes through this more 80s, 90s sound, but there is also Latin music. There are ballads that accompany the production, but you will also find songs that go solo with my voice accompanied by two acoustic guitars or my voice accompanied by a piano and a symphony or my voice and some strings. Sincerely, There are songs whose lyrics we developed a lot more, whether we chose direct themes or with simpler lyrics.How is it possible Chess, which is perhaps a story that has happened to more people, but there are much more personal and elaborate lyrics. You should always try to please all of your followers.

#7. i feel aliveBaladon.

i feel alive It’s the title of a ballad that I have which is spectacular, it’s surely one of the most beautiful ballads that I have discovered and that I have had in my repertoire for a long time. This song was born from the inspiration in Mexico where I was away from my family for a long time, but then they joined me in this wonderful country and I realized that there is no place where what matters is being with the people who make you feel comfortable, in my case obviously it’s my family.

#8. Close to inspiration.

I have been very inspired by my people, by those who embrace you daily. My family is very present, but I also gave free rein to my imagination and I was inspired by desire, nostalgia.. These are things that, perhaps, are in your daily life. A lot of these things soften you up or make you feel a little queasy, but they’re part of your day, they’re part of your life, so there are very important songs and like I said there will be songs for all tastes.

#9. Opinion of your children.

My children are delighted because now They discover, the little ones, that there is something special there that makes you appear on TV, on the radio. My grandson says to me, daddy, is that you? when you put on the radio or when I’m on television. He gets very excited and tries to sing with me. These are very special moments that I have already experienced with my daughter, the eldest, and now I relive them with the little ones. And it’s exciting because until they tell you, like, ‘Dad, are you going to sing? can I go with you?’, don’t you realize that there is a click that they realize without having to tell them.

Yes I have a lot of very funny videos. I have one in which I go to the studio and I’m in the car, still inside my house and my son says goodbye to me. ‘Daddy where are you going? I go to work. Are you going to sing?’, he asks me, and he is very young, he is not even four years old, ‘are you going to sing? Yes, are you going to wish me luck? Chance. And dad sings how? Very loud’, hahahahaha… I have the audio and you burst out laughing.

#ten. Middle age crisis.

Let’s see, I believe there are crises at all stages, in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s. But I consider that you always have to try to find a way out.

Midlife crisis No, I don’t really have a crisis. yes it is true that when my three children get together, what sailor fabric. There I put a medal to all the dads and moms who must organize themselves very well with work and children. It’s true that over time, children grow up and have conversations and that’s something else. You have this joy, they are more independent, I really like this step.

Bonus #1. Sold out at the Albéniz Theater.

We experienced very special moments after the twentieth anniversary after the concert in Almería which quickly sold out. Later we went to Albéniz theater and the same thing happened. After 20 years, I can tell you that it’s one of the most beautiful and special things I’ve ever felt because it’s like a party that I try to do with my followers, those who are from the beginning, the middle or the last stage, has no importance. What is certain is that it makes me feel good and that I celebrate it with my followers and my colleagues, of course.

Bonus #2. Favorite son of Almería and Andalusia.

The thing about the Favorite Son of Almería and Andalusia was a surprise that I did not expect at all because in Almería they already gave me the medal of Almería and in Andalusia too, but to be a Favorite Son fills me with happiness, obviously and I accept it as a great prize and with responsibility. The only thing I did was to really feel what it means to be from Almeria, Andalusia and to carry my flag for all the countries that have given me the opportunity and I intend to continue to work and contribute as much as possible as a citizen so that my land continues to prosper. .

Bonus #3. Full schedule with visits.

Personally, I prefer a well-defined agenda and if it can be entered in the year 2024 and the following, it is better for me. I always try to have my meetings with the presidents of Universal Music and with my manager and all my team, but I like to at least have an overview of what is going to happen in the next few years. AND If I can have the agenda marked until the end of the year, so much the better for me because I can organize myself. For me it is essential to organize myself to give quality time to my family, which for me is the most important thing in the world, so yes, I prefer it a thousand times.

Bonus #4. The voice of children.

I love her so much The voice of children because the children are going to play this type of competition, that a competition is already competitive, but a child goes there with another intention, he goes there with this intention of going to play at the playground, I said several times to my classmate paul lopez. What is certain is that I like looking to the future. I happened to work with children from The voice of children and over time I realized that they already had a record, or that they gave concerts or that they were already artists in the music industry. They have come of age and I like that. With Monique Maranillo, for example, who does a fantastic dance series, Upa Dance. It makes me very happy because this girl was part of my team and now look how successful she is. Thus, a multitude of boys and girls who, throughout this period, have worked with us in The voice of children.

Bonus #5. Good friends with Rayden.

We had fantastic colleagues. was also Daniel (Fernandez). Rayden He looked like a guy from another planet, very affectionate, very intelligent and very affectionate. We always stay at lunch talking to Rosario, SebastianAitana, with many colleagues and he gave me the feeling of being a very close uncle. Maybe they thought it was too far, but I like to share with my classmatesI worry about how they’re doing, or what they’re working on, and I blow a really big kiss to my partner Rayden.

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