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As it happens almost every week, the anthill by Pablo Motos received an international visit to her Antena 3 set. But Tuesday night’s guest was even more unique, as she left the first time this singer had visited a Spanish set. Karl G. sat down with TV’s most famous ants to present his new album tomorrow will be beautiful.

During her visit, in addition to talking about this last work, which she herself defined as “the most honest of her entire career”, they also talked about another great success of Karol G; his collaboration with Shakira in THQ.

This is how the collaboration of Shakira and Karol G was born.

“We have taken the female gender to another level, we have shown what we can do and this should be the real debate“, said proudly Karol G.

Additionally, singer and songwriter like Well it’s true oh Cairo, explained how his collaboration with what is undoubtedly one of the most requested artists in recent months was born. Thus, the young woman from Medellín explained that she had been looking for a long time to work with Shakira, but it was last June when they sent him a topic, he didn’t feel a real “connection”.

“After I realized what Shakira was going through and the song made sense againI called her, I showed her the song and she told me that she was very attached to the lyrics”, says the “bichota”. the anthill that Barranquilla’s asked him to wait for his song to come out with Bizarrap.

As for the supposed references and letter darts that would be thrown at their respective exesGerard Pique and Anuel AA, Karol G did not want to get wet and assured that THQ “He’s not addressing anyone in particular.”

The error of Pablo Motos that the networks do not forgive

In addition to talking about his new album, hair color changes and how natural he looks in the photos he uploads to Instagram, Karol G must have lived a little… uncomfortable moment sitting next to Pablo Motos.

And it is that the presenter of El Hormiguero made a small mistake that users of social networks and fans of Karol G did not miss: confused that of Medellín with Becky G.

“This is the explanation of why Becky G songs later have over 1,000 million views”commented the presenter. His guest, however, was unwilling to correct him and was very polite, despite the error. But it was her followers who took it upon themselves to reclaim that moment and notice the “little face” she put on.

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