Work as a driver and earn $20 per hour at Disneyland: how to apply

This job is for work at their Orlando, California location and is part-time, i.e. part-time. A salary of $20.50 dollars per hour is being offered. In addition to the salary, they are also offering a benefits package, which includes medical, financial and even educational benefits.

When you are a migrant and you are looking for a job, it can be a little complicated because there are jobs with a lot of requirements and they even ask you to have certain studies and qualifications. One of those employers that are always hiring is the most fun place in the world, Disneyland, who this time has an opening for you to work with them as a driver or chauffeur.

This job is for you to work at their headquarters in Orlando, California and is part-time, that is to say, part-time. A salary of $20.50 per hour is being offered. In addition to the salary, a benefits package is also being offered, including medical, financial and even educational benefits.

What are the duties?

The person who is accepted for this position will be required to perform the following activities:

-Must provide support in driving vans and electric vehicles to deliver supplies for shows, parades and other events within Disney, in California.
-Deliver items such as water and other supplies to rest areas and areas where shows are held.

You are not required to complete 40 hours of work per week.

What are the requirements?

-Over 18 years of age
-Have a good driving record, with no violations during the last 12 months.
-Availability to work weekends and holidays.
-Have a valid California driver’s license.
-Meet the requirements to apply for a type B license, which is for driving a large truck.
-Although being bilingual is not a requirement as such, it is a plus.

If you are interested in this vacancy, you can go to the following link and apply online.

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