Jennifer Lopez denies rumors of 'disagreement' with hubby Ben Affleck at Grammys

Jennifer Lopez denies rumors of ‘disagreement’ with hubby Ben Affleck at Grammys

Jennifer Lopez has denied rumors that she had a “disagreement” with husband Ben Affleck at the 65th Grammy Awards.

After the event, on Sunday evening February 5, a video of the couple having a seemingly tense conversation circulated on the Internet.

In the video, as host Trevor Noah performs a skit while seated next to the couple, Affleck is seen whispering to Lopez, who apparently disagrees before placing her hand on her chest.

On social media, many have speculated that the couple were arguing. However, Lopez apparently dismissed the idea with an Instagram video montage, in which the pair are seen happily together at the Grammys.

She captioned the post: “Still the best time with my love hubby.”

Footage of his twisted expression is reminiscent of the viral “Sad Affleck” meme from 2016, in which a clip of the actor appeared dejected during an interview to promote Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Reflecting on his ups and downs and that moment, Affleck told the Los Angeles Times last year, “I got to a point where [la percepción pública] I was so different from who I am that I stopped reading and caring. But then when my kids grow up and start seeing the internet for themselves, that’s the hardest part.”

“Even the ‘Sad Affleck’ meme made me laugh. I mean, there’s no one who hasn’t felt that at a performance. But then my kids see it and I’m like, ‘ Oh, are they going to think that their daddy is basically sad or that they should be worried about me? It’s really difficult.”

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