It’s not that often these days that a comic book character gets hated or unpopular, but it still happens. Even DC Comics isn’t immune to creating characters considered inferior by many. A good number of his villains have faced this problem.

Whether it’s because of their role in a controversial story or because they’re just plain uninteresting, most of these villains aren’t considered fan favorites. But that doesn’t mean they can’t become better characters. A creative revival could do a lot of good for these villains.

This article mentions sexual assault and other major issues. Proceed with caution.

10 Gum has great potential for a makeover

The Eraser sounds like a joke, but his character concept is quite intriguing: he’s a pro at covering up evidence of any crime, being hired by other villains to cover his tracks. You’d think The Eraser’s gimmick could make solving any crime that much harder, but the villain hasn’t seen much use.

A more serious role in a Batman story would be a perfect way to rebrand The Eraser, in which the Dark Knight’s detective skills are pushed to their absolute limits trying to solve a crime The Eraser is able to suppress evidence every time. round passed. This could bring The Eraser to the forefront of the DC Universe and make him a real threat.

9 Maxie Zeus Should Take His God Complex To More Mystical And Dangerous ExtremesBatman villain Maxie Zeus strikes a pose from his throne.

Maxie Zeus is a former Greek history professor who believes he is the reincarnation of Zeus. Compared to other villains, Maxie is often seen as a one-dimensional character. But seeing as the DC Universe is full of true gods, it would be interesting to see how far Maxie Zeus would go to prove his superiority over them.

Maxie could turn to the mystical arts and master them as a way to accumulate more power for himself and be seen as a “true god”. He could become DC’s Doctor Doom because his ruthless ambitions and power make him a villain for the entire DC Universe.

8 A Return To The Pre-New 52 Prankster Character Would Be A Ruckus 10 villanos impopulares de dc que merecen un renacimiento 2

As the name suggests, the Prankster commits crimes centered around elaborate pranks. Over time, he would be hired by other criminals to distract Superman and the police with his pranks while they carried out their plans. That was true until The New 52, ​​which saw a completely different Joker as Nightwing’s villain.

Neither version of the prankster has appeared since then, but it would be great to see this distraction-for-hire character again. The prankster certainly has a lot of unique pranks up his sleeve for the Titans and other heroes.

7 The Signalman Needs A New Angle 10 villanos impopulares de dc que merecen un renacimiento 3

Signal Man is a nearly ineffective antagonist, having been easily taken out on multiple occasions. However, there is an interesting insight into his obsession with symbols that might be worth exploring.

Much like the villains in John Carpenter’s 1988 film, TheyLive, Signalman could implant subliminal messages into signs and symbols to control his people. This would not only make him a much more threatening and psychological antagonist, but it would also highlight the role mass media plays in influencing the public.

6 Magpie Deserves To Be More Than A Catwoman Imitation 10 villanos impopulares de dc que merecen un renacimiento 4

Magpie was a jewel thief who specialized in stealing jewels named after birds. She hasn’t played as big of a role in the DC Universe, but Magpie is much more than the Catwoman impersonation that’s been seen primarily, with her role in the animated series. Beware of Batman as evidence.

In this series, Magpie suffered from dissociative identity disorder, believing that doctors at Blackgate Penitentiary had erased her memory of who she really was. This backstory has given him more complexity and likability as a character, and incorporating these elements from this series into the comics could significantly raise his profile.

5 Investing has terrifying potential 10 villanos impopulares de dc que merecen un renacimiento 5

The DC Universe is full of some pretty weird villains, but Inversion takes the cake. Inversion was a scientist who was testing a teleporter, but his internal organs were transferred outside of his body. Insane, he attempted to use the Justice League satellite’s teleporter to inflict the same fate on the rest of the world, but was stopped by Wonder Woman.

Inversion’s only recent appearance was in DC Rebirth, but we expect to see plenty more. No doubt this character has the potential for a darker sci-fi horror twist that the right scriptwriter could make the most of.

4 Tweedledum and Tweedledee should make a name for themselves 10 villanos impopulares de dc que merecen un renacimiento 6

Tweedledum and Tweedledee normally acted as henchmen, but on one occasion it was revealed that they had mind-controlled the Mad Hatter to lead his new incarnation of the Wonderland Gang. Seeing the two orchestrate more evil operations by themselves or by manipulating others could be appealing.

It would be refreshing to see the Tweedles go from pawns of other people’s plans to masterminds themselves. Adding a bit of conflict between the two and fleshing out their personalities might make them more unpredictable antagonists.

3 The Joker’s Daughter Should Agree To Be A Weird Hero 10 villanos impopulares de dc que merecen un renacimiento 7

Duela Dent is definitely an anomaly. Originally stated to be the Joker’s daughter, she served as both enemy and ally of the Teen Titans and was revealed to actually be the daughter of the Earth-3 version of the Joker known as The Joker and Evelyn Dent. The New 52, ​​however, ended all of that and reimagined Duela as an unstable woman wearing the Joker’s severed face as a mask.

This incarnation of Duela was divisive, but that doesn’t mean she’s insurmountable. With New 52 continuity essentially erased, he could be who he was again. An interesting option would be to cast her in a Psycho-Pirate-like role after Crisis on Infinite Earths. While Psycho-Pirate was the only one who remembered Pre-Crisis continuity, Duela was perhaps the only one who remembered New 52 continuity, but learning from those mistakes to become a hero somewhat unpredictable.

2 Terra Deserves Redemption 10 villanos impopulares de dc que merecen un renacimiento 8

Tara Markov/Terra didn’t get the best treatment as a character, her role being in The contract of Judas cause much controversy. Although it is established in this story that Slade Wilson/Deathstroke (a grown man) knowingly sexually exploited and manipulated Terra (who was fifteen at the time), Terra herself is written as the author of their relationship and not as a victim. In recent years, comics have more accurately portrayed victims of sexual abuse or mental illness, and it’s time Terra was redeemed for the better.

With Terra’s half-brother, Brion Markov/Geo-Force, likely in jail after Shadow WarMaybe he could be part of Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad alongside her. It might also provide a better look at Terra’s sanity. The nature of the missions assigned to her could change Terra’s morality for the better, possibly leading her to expose Deathstroke for his treatment of her and mend her relationship with Brion and the Titans.

1 Rogol Zaar Could Do Better If He Was Given The Right Stories To Work With 10 villanos impopulares de dc que merecen un renacimiento 9

The career of Brian Michael Bendis in Superman It had many elements that fans didn’t like, including the character of Rogol Zaar. This was because Bendis had re-enacted the destruction of Superman’s planet Krypton as being caused by Zaar to begin with. Also, Zaar didn’t have much else besides being big and strong.

While Rogol Zaar is likely to be forgotten, that doesn’t mean nothing can be done with him. Perhaps it could be rewritten so that thought who destroyed Krypton, but was actually manipulated throughout by another antagonist to pit them against the Man of Steel. Either way, there’s no doubt that Rogol Zaar could go from being one of DC’s most hated characters to becoming a fan favorite.

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