Netflix will soon roll out a Shuffle Function

Netflix will soon roll out a Shuffle Function

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With Netflix’s huge catalog, it can be difficult to find “what to watch next”. The platform is already making recommendations, and soon it will be able to cast something in random mode.

If you subscribe to Netflix, you have certainly already asked yourself the question “and now, what are we watching?” A delicate question as the catalog of the platform is complete. There is something for everyone and additions are very, very common. Netflix is ​​well aware of this. For the more undecided, the platform will soon make it possible to launch an episode or a film randomly.

So you don’t have to waste time looking for the next content on Netflix

Netflix is ​​home to a pretty incredible amount of movies and TV shows, with some content clearly highlighted on the main page while others get lost deep in the search page. This means that you may be missing out on real nuggets, in movies as in series, and Netflix now believes that it has found a way to make you consume its content differently.

the platform will deploy a shuffle function

The platform has just announced that, in the course of the first half of 2021, a new shuffle functionality will be rolled out. If you’ve ever used shuffle mode on any music player, you won’t be disappointed. The idea is to let Netflix decide for you, completely at random, what you are going to watch next.

According to COO and Netflix Product Director Greg Peters, “It really works for us, our subscribers can let us know they want to stop looking for what they’re going to watch, push a button and we’ll pick something for them. to watch in the moment. And it’s a great feature that works great for subscribers in this situation. ”

This is not the first time that we have heard of such an option. Last year we learned that this feature was being tested. It seems that this one was successful since the said function will be deployed to everyone in the coming months.

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