LG ceases production of LCD panels for the iPhone

LG ceases production of LCD panels for the iPhone

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Like any product, the iPhone evolves with the times. Some technologies are appearing, others are disappearing or are in the process of being. This also applies, of course, to the screen.

iPhone is a product like any other. It has a life cycle, and with each generation, its main components evolve. It is obviously necessary to stay on the page if one can say so. This is especially true for the screen. Apple thus seems to be gradually turning the page on LCD panels for its smartphone.

LG ceases production of LCD panels for the iPhone

Regarding the supply of slabs for its iPhone, the Cupertino company traditionally called on LG and Samsung. That being said, it looks like Apple today has to find an alternative because, according to a report from The Elec, LG Display has reportedly ceased production of LCD panels for the iPhone.

According to the report in question, this decision was made because the margins for these LCD screens used in iPhones have become too low, it would no longer be worth it. Instead, Apple should now source from JDI and Sharp. LG has been a production partner for Apple for a long time, but since the Apple brand started switching to OLED, it made sense that orders for LCD panels would decline.

Its factory will now produce screens for the automobile

Right now, the only iPhone that still uses an LCD screen is the iPhone SE which launched last year. The entire iPhone 12 range has switched to OLED. LG, for its part, should reconvert the factory and concentrate on screens for the automotive industry. We will also finally wonder if this decision to cease production of screens for the mobile could be linked to a previous report evoking the possibility that LG is leaving the smartphone industry… To be continued!

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