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In the early afternoon yesterday, a explosion in Toledo street in Madrid, in the district of Latina, caused the four people died, while eleven others were injured. Everything indicates that the origin took place in the gas boiler, since at that time they were carried out maintenance work on it.

The incident took place in some parish floors, which were destroyed as a result of the outbreak. In the vicinity of the building there is a elderly residence, where the explosion was initially thought to have occurred, and a school.

Filomena ‘avoided’ a greater misfortune

The explosion could have had greater consequences if not for the ice accumulated after Filomena storms in the courtyard of La Salle school. At that time, the children would have been in the yard and the tragedy could have been much greaterIt was there that a large part of the rubble fell.

Visitación Salazar, director of the center, spoke with SER string from what has occured. “At that time the children would have been in the yard. But because of the snow we have decided that recesses are in the classroom. And that has saved us. We are working on a plan with the guidance department to be able to work with families who need it and students too“, it indicates.

Salazar indicates that Today the classes will be online, waiting to be able to check the status of the center in the next few hours. “Most of the classrooms face La Paloma street and that’s where we got them. The fire evacuation plan took us to the other side, but we were quick. ”

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