A Spanish school, among the 5 best in the world in 3D animation

A Spanish school, among the 5 best in the world in 3D animation

The Spanish school Animum Creativity Advanced School has been selected as the best Spanish-speaking 3D animation training center in the world and fifth in the international ranking in the eleventh edition of the Rookies World School Rankings, the list of the highest international prestige in the industry of animation and video games.

More than 500 digital art centers and universities around the world have passed the strict examination of the prestigious meter, which has a panel of independent judges made up of more than 150 recognized professionals and is endorsed by the most important companies in the industry, including Adobe, Autodesk, Epic Games, Unity, Unreal, Wacom, and Weta Digital, among others.

The Rookies community examines the quality of student portfolios in schools and universities. The detailed analysis takes into account the creative and technical abilities, the quality and complexity of the work performed, the raw talent and the employment potential of each of its students.

In this way, Animum Creativity Advanced School places Spain at the top of the animation sector. This postgraduate training center, specialized in Art and Digital Technology, was created in Malaga in 2007 with the aim of accompanying, educating and giving tools to its students in the development of their professional career.

Each year, 600 students are trained by a faculty of more than 200 professors who currently work in key companies in the sector such as Pixar, Walt Disney Animation Studios or Industrial Light & Magic, among others.

“Working on what we are passionate about is a dream, but the way to fulfill it implies hard work and improvement. Quality training is the great ally to face in a guided and effective way in the search for that dream that can change both your career and your personal life,” said David Plaza, founder and CEO of Animum.


In recent years, Spain has reached an enviable position in the fields of special effects, video games and animation. According to data from the latest edition of the European Audiovisual Observatory, Spain is the fifth largest animation producer in the world.

The recognitions also endorse it. The last three winners of the award for the best animated film at the European Film Academy (EFA) have been productions with Spanish capital and talent: ‘Un día más con vida’, ‘Buñuel in the labyrinth of the turtles’ and’ Josep ‘.

In addition, in 2020 ‘Klaus’ followed in the footsteps of ‘Chico & Rita’ as the only animated films in Spain to be eligible for the Oscar.

A promising future for this industry, which requires professionals trained in the latest technologies. Animum has been working for years with its own methodology for teaching ‘online’, with master’s degrees and expert certified courses in digital art, animation, creation of 3D characters, creation of 3D environments and scenarios, lighting, composition and special effects. The duration ranges from six months to three years.

The training, eminently practical, seeks to emulate a real work environment with the aim of generating a professional portfolio that allows access to real job opportunities. In the words of Roger Giménez, Animum’s academic director, “perseverance and attitude are two fundamental requirements to gain a foothold in the industry, but a good academic training can be what makes the difference on the road to success.”

In addition to job opportunities in the film and video game industry, animation and visual effects can also be used as tools that serve in other sectors such as teaching, marketing and advertising, thus expanding the professional opportunities of students.

To make the transition to the next phase of their career easier, the Spanish school offers an internal job bank service for graduated students. The objective is to help them connect with the industry and obtain their first professional experiences in a sector that is experiencing the best moment in its history.

After passing through Animum, many of its former students have participated in the production of films and series of great relevance around the world such as’ The Lion King ‘,’ Planet of the Apes’, ‘Shadow & Bone’, ‘Minions ‘,’ Pets 2 ‘,’ Spiderman: A New Universe ‘,’ Smallfoot ‘,’ Dr.Dolittle ‘and’ SpongeBob ‘- the movie.

Also, companies like Sony Pictures Imageworks, MPC, Illumination Mac Guff, Skydance Animation , El Ranchito, Ubisoft, Mercury Steam, Gameloft, Elite 3d and El Ranchito have turned to Animum students to reinforce their templates.

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