Palm trees burned at the Arts Center in Hermosillo, Sonora

Palm trees burned at the Arts Center in Hermosillo, Sonora

During the night of this Saturday, May 22, a strong fire was reported in the Center for the Arts of the University of Sonora, located in Hermosillo. At the site, some palm trees outside the site were burning uncontrollably and emergency elements came to douse the flames.

According to local media, the initial report indicated that a palm tree was the one that was on fire, however, when the Heroic Fire Department arrived at the scene of the incident, ten other palm trees were already in the same situation.

After the event, state authorities closed traffic at the Rosales and Colosio intersection, as it was causing great road chaos in the area. Nevertheless, after efforts by firefighters, the fire was fully mitigated.

So far, the causes of the fire have not been clarified, although it is presumed that it was caused. According to the medium Express, due to the wind, before the fire was extinguished, some fathoms had already crossed the street and they reached the premises of a notary’s office that was in front.

In this sense, it was highlighted that the incident reached a vacant lot on Pino Suárez street and garbage that was on the roof of another property.

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