The next Apple MacBook Pro would be equipped with an Apple Silicon M1X chip, even more powerful than the first M1 version. What to expect?

Apple started a new era by introducing its homemade Apple Silicon chips in its products. The M1 chip is already doing small miracles on the MacBook Air, the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the iMac mini. This is certainly only the beginning of the adventure.

The future looks very interesting. The next MacBook Pro would thus be equipped with an M1X chip, which is even more efficient.

An M1X chip in the next Apple MacBook?

We know Apple is working on a new model of MacBook Pro. Whether or not rumors already evoke this machine is a certainty. But what components could well equip this new generation of portable machine? If we are to believe the iOS developer Dylandkt, it seems that the next MacBook will have an M1X chip, a variant of the current M1.

According to the developer, the M1X chip would be a slightly more powerful version than the M1. “The M1X is an extension of the M1, it will have more thunderbolt channels, more CPU cores, GPU cores, will support multiple external monitors, all with better power management.

These devices will have a 1080p webcam, an SD card reader, three USB-C Thunderbolt ports, an enhanced MagSafe port and an HDMI port. ”

Dylandkt takes the next generation MacBook Pro a step further. According to him, Apple is even considering abandoning the “MacBook Pro” lettering on the inner edges of the screen. What we discovered with the new 24-inch iMac which, unlike the 2019 models, saw the Apple logo disappear.

What about the M2 chip mentioned by the rumor?

What’s interesting about this rumor is that it’s an M1X chip. So far, there have been several rumors that Apple is working on the M2 chip. Will we be entitled to an M2 chip or an M1X chip? Will the two coexist in the catalog?

Perhaps this M1X will be reserved for the 13-inch model while the even more powerful M2 will be used for the 16-inch model. The future will tell.

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