El “Rey” Martínez will not defend his World title, due to injury

The World Boxing Council (WBC) announced this Thursday that Mexican Julio César “Rey” Martínez will not defend the organization’s flyweight title due to a hand injury that will prevent him from facing Puerto Rican McWiliams Stream.

“World Boxing Council flyweight champion Julio César” Rey “Martínez withdrew from his mandatory title defense against McWilliams Arroyo in Miami due to a hand injury,” confirmed the WBC.
The fight looked like one of the main attractions of the card in which “Canelo” Álvarez, the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world, will expose his super middleweight belts against the Turkish Avni Yildirim.
According to the Council, Martínez revealed an injury to his right hand and apologized for a new suspension of the fight with Arroyo, with whom he had to fight on August 15 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but presented a gastric disorder.
The “King” Martínez defeated his compatriot Moisés Calleros last October in his previous presentation, after which he reported that he was ill and could not face Francisco Rodríguez in December, in San Antonio.
With punch, good technique and a style based on always looking for his rival and entering exchanges, Martínez is one of the most beloved boxers in Mexico, whom boxing specialists compare with the mythical Rubén “Púas” Olivares, one of the best bantamweight in history.
Shortly before reporting his injury, the Mexican attended the press conference in which he said he was back ready to defend his title against Arroyo, 35, who described as a dream come true, at last fighting with the champion of his division.
Arroyo is an offensive boxer so a high-level duel was planned, which perhaps would have been the best of the evening.
The Puerto Rican team is looking for a rival for the fighter, something complicated because Martinez’s withdrawal was confirmed just over 48 hours before the fight.
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