Pokémon Go: Grab Dragon Ground Pokémon Kaumalat in March

Pokémon Go: Grab Dragon Ground Pokémon Kaumalat in March

In March 2021, the regular and ambitious Pokémon Go players will have a good reason to log in to the game and do some field research despite all the ruthlessness.

Because from March 1, 2021 (attention!) 10:00 p.m. to April 1, 2021 at the same time, you can grab the dragon ground Pokémon Kaumalat without much effort. Sure, the Mon has been seen more often in level 1 raids lately. Still, it’s a relatively rare pocket monster that you don’t come across too often in the wild.

And it gets even better, because through its evolution to Knarksel and then to Knakrack, the Pokémon becomes a relatively handsome pseudo-legendary that the meta-players among PoGo fans like to use for raid fights or in the battle league.

So don’t forget to do field research on seven different days in March 2021 to collect the stamps for the research breakthrough reward box. One more note: Don’t let Knakrack fight Pokémon that use ice attacks, because then it looks very old very quickly.

What is a pseudo-legendary? Pseudo-Legendarys are those Pokémon that do not have the status of legendary, but can certainly be seen.

They have a two-stage development, need exactly 1,250,000 experience points to level up to level 100 and their base value sum, i.e. attack, defense and HP, results in exactly the value 600.

Exactly these Pokémon are considered pseudo-legendarys because they are for everyone Fall stronger than the non-legendary Mon of their generation – and even stronger than some legendary pocket monsters from the same region!

Brent Dubin
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