The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced the creation of the new career of “Sports Technician” for young people who finish their high school and are interested in practicing within the sports field.

“We are going to create a career, a profession at the upper secondary level to training of sports technicians, but at the same time they are going to make schools for athletics, boxing and baseball, that have already begun to be built and that will already work in different parts of the country ”, he mentioned.

The president explained that this career will allow students to perform as athletes and, if they do not perform within the discipline, continue exercising it through another specialty.

“It is about the young people who finish high school can choose this technical career dedicated to sport and also practice the sport they like and in three years they can come out as very good athletes. They can advance in the sport and also finish their career so that, if in the time that they are studying and practicing the sport they do not perform for some reason, as it usually happens, then that they are not left without the possibility of continuing in the sports field, as coaches and like any other specialty,” he mentioned.

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The baccalaureate will offer four technical career options to attend (taught two per campus): Comprehensive baseball training, comprehensive training de box, comprehensive training middle and long distance athletics, and sports physiotherapy.

The study plan will be 6 semesters, that is to say three years, of full time with the option of residence or without residence for those who do not live in the corresponding entity. In total they will open seven venues which will be located as follows:

– Baseball: Hermosillo and Cajeme in Sonora; Boca del Río in Veracruz; Campeche in Campeche, and Texcoco in Mexico state.

– Boxing: Cuauhtémoc in Mexico City (center of Tepito).

– Athletics: San Francisco Tetlanochan in Tlaxcala (La Malinche National Park).

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Interested young people, who are in their third year of high school or have a certificate from it, must enter the page where you will find information about the races, calls and the pre-registration to them.

For the latter it is necessary to create an account in the system entering the general and school data, selecting the desired discipline and providing an email to receive future notifications. Later, you can continue with registration directly to the discipline of interest.

The first school year will start in August of this year, which is expected to culminate with an enrollment of 70 students per campus for him 2022; meanwhile, the goal for 2024 will be counting on a generation of 210 male and female students.

Young people who study the degree will have access to health insurance granted by the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), universal scholarship for high school students and residence and full support.

Likewise, upon completing their studies, they will be offered the possibility of a place in the Subsystem of Higher Secondary Education; pursue a career as a high-performance athlete; insert into working world of sport at national and international level; aspire to be a teacher in the National Public Education System and sports and educational scholarships abroad.

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