A good pairing is enough to break paradigms and ensure that whiskey is a woman’s thing. The alliance between The Macallan and Christian Dior House proves it. The perfume is sprayed and, while enjoying its aromas, the expressions of the whiskey are added to it.

It is true that the world of barrels is traditionally anchored to the masculine, but this type of experience reveals that femininity you don’t have to follow stereotypes.

Without a doubt, Dior being a brand that is associated with the female market, it was an excellent alliance so that, through a brand perceived more feminine, this ‘pairing’ in aromas with the magnificent fragrances of Christian Dior House and unmatched expressions in The Macallan.

“In this way, the women we managed to captivate realized that, despite the fact that whiskey is often perceived by the male market, we as women can enjoy it in the same way or even much more due to our great ability to perceive a lot. more aromas”, considered Ale Rodriguez, Brand Ambassador from The Macallan.

The pairing was an example of a great amalgam and the excellent combination of notes and, in addition, it proposed a starting point for those who are just starting out in whiskey.

“I definitely recommend starting with one of our three barrel expressions, like The Macllan 15 Triple Cask, 18 Triple Cask, and Edition no 5, they come from predominantly American oak barrels and that makes the notes more subtle, that there is a greater presence of vanilla, caramel, citrus, maple and ginger.”

“These notes on the palate of those who are starting in the world of single malts they will achieve that they are perceived more easily and that it is enjoyed much more”, pointed out Rodriguez.

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