The controversy between Enrique Guzmán and Frida Sofía continues and, on this occasion, the interpreter of The plague highlighted that already ratified against his granddaughter and he delved into that the only possibility that there is a forgiveness of him towards her would be in the event that the young woman “took medication”.

“What can I tell you. I can only tell you one thing and that is that I go with everything whoever falls. That girl doesn’t get away with it. I have a lot of anger with many people that their mother lies to me thinking that I am a pig. There are many people who annoy me a lot by telling me nonsense, when this has never happened. Those are inventions of a girl, I am going to ratify, “said the singer at a press conference.

He also stressed that he will not stop in the process, even if it caused Frida Sofía to end up in jail. Regarding the fact that his granddaughter no longer wants to use the surname of the well-known family, Enrique Guzmán stressed that it did not matter to him.

What she does not have is shame, for me to put it on her ass”He sentenced and, after leaving the ratification, he delved into the fact that against Frida it was civil and with respect to Gustavo Adolfo Infante it was criminal.

When asked by journalists about the possibility of the singer forgiving Frida Sofía, he replied that it would not happen unless his granddaughter used medicine.

Gustavo Adolfo Infante was also denounced (Photos: Instagram @gainfante // Las Estrellas)

Gustavo Adolfo Infante was also denounced.

It would be necessary to medicate her, it is all she needs,” he concluded before getting into his car.

It should be noted that, for his part, Gustavo Adolfo Infante announced that he had already criminally denounced Enrique Guzmán for false statements, procedural fraud and public threats: “he denounces me, so I denounce him because I have to protect myself”, He assured in a live video that he shared through his YouTube channel.

Driver First hand He pointed out that, after the interview he conducted with Frida Sofía, Enrique Guzmán went to television programs where he verbally attacked him and made accusations against him: “then there (Enrique) Guzmán he says that I had paid Frida Sofía, that he was miserable, that he was going to break my snout, many offenses, “he said.

“And he goes back to that program again and says that I paid Frida Sofía, and I have news for Mr. Enrique ‘N’, I’m not a screenwriter, I don’t do reality shows, I am a reporter who does interviews, so, he denounces me and I criminally denounced him.” Said the journalist in reference to the interview that Enrique Guzmán gave to Pati Chapoy in a broadcast of Ventanenado.

The singer ratified against his granddaughter (photo: Diego Simón Sánchez / Cuartoscuro)

The singer ratified against his granddaughter.

The driver also criticized the production of TV Azteca and assured that the interpreter of Payasito he only came to clean up his image:

“How do you call an alleged abuser, a presumed pedophile, at the national level, do you scream and tell him that you believe him? build a campaign together with this man and smoke screens to distract attention and you go totally on his side attacking the granddaughter? I think the journalism that does”, Adolfo Infante opined.

“Besides freedom of expression has to be defended, in this country it has cost us a lot of work and many years to have freedom of expression for a man to want to cover your mouth. I think that Mr. “N” is kicking choking”, Concluded the journalist.

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