Hundreds of young people have participated this weekend in a “rave”, an unauthorized party, near the town Italian from Codogno (north), the first confined place in Europe and the West when the pandemic broke out in February 2020.

The chosen site was an old abandoned mine in Maleo, about three miles from Codogno, in the Lombardy region, the most affected in the country by the coronavirus.

The mayor of Maleo, Dante Sguazzi, has notified his neighbors on social networks of this party with young people from all over northern Italy, some seven hundred, and who “very likely” will pass through the streets of the town to return to their homes.

Precisely this week Maleo, with about 3,000 inhabitants, has registered an outbreak with eleven infections, three of them with the so-called Delta variant, which worries the country’s authorities.

That is why the councilor has expressed his concern about the return of young people today, given “the risk of a new spread of infections.”

The young people spent last night partying, without respecting the security measures or wearing the mask, mandatory in Italy in the open air until tomorrow, but under the supervision of police officers and the militarized body of the Carabineros.

The authorities are now trying to locate the promoters of the party to denounce them.

This area, in the province of Lodi, specifically Codogno, was the first to be confined in February 2020 with the emergence of the first cases of coronavirus indigenous in Europe, which was the beginning of the emergence outside China.

Italy adds 4,257,289 COVID-19 infections and 127,458 fatalities. The infections in Lombardy amount to 841,000 and the deaths 33,700.

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