Pending the cuts in the cost of petrol and diesel, the measures that the government established with the anti-price increase decree refer to a bonus of 200 euros per worker that ” does not contribute to the formation of income “. Now let’s see in detail who is entitled and by whom the new measure can be paid.

What is the petrol bonus

Unlike previous government bonuses, this contribution is not granted by the government for the purchase of fuel. With the new decree, the government leaves the freedom to companies which, in a discretionary manner, can grant or not grant a fuel voucher of the maximum amount of 200 euros. If the company allows it, the bonus will be completely tax free. Furthermore, the 200 euros are valid for all categories of workers regardless of their income and, in this case, of the company “hierarchy”. For this reason, as stated in the anti-price increase law , no application will be required to obtain the benefit and there are no access requirements. L’. This means that VAT numbers or public employees, for example, will not be able to take advantage of this measure.

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Other contributions

Having said that it is the company that decides whether or not to grant the petrol bonus, in Italy there are already other similar contributions as it works for the 258.23 euros per year for the so-called ” fringe benefits “: these are ancillary or secondary benefits that they fall within a particular type of remuneration provided for by article 2099 paragraph 3 of the Civil Code. As we read on Edenred, this legislation provides that a collaborator can also be paid with alternative solutions to income in addition to his expected salary. It is a “promiscuous” bonus in the sense that it can be used for business appointments, meetings, to reach the various offices of the company or participate in a corporate event but it can also be used for a trip out of town with the family, to go to theater and completely personal situations. In 2020 and 2021, as an economic support measure for the pandemic, the amount was doubled to € 516.46.

25 cents drop on fuels

As we saw in , the Minister of Agricultural Policies Stefano Patuanelli , speaking on Rtl 102.5 , explained that ” from tomorrow there will be fuels that cost 25 cents less and this will last for about 40 days. We believe that in this over a period of time more structural measures will be able to definitively reduce the costs of energy materials “. If the measure does not go into effect immediately, the suggestion is ” not to have to spend all the salary to fill up and for energy, also because there is a speculative dynamic given that there is no shortage of product “, he concludes.

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