Thailand will reimpose restrictions against the coronavirus in restaurants, construction sites and meetings in and around Bangkok, to try to curb the spike in covid-19 cases.

After a year of managing to keep infection levels relatively low, Thailand has faced an increase in infections since April, when there was an outbreak in the luxurious clubs of Bangkok, frequented by the elite.

Since then, more cases have been reported in the country’s overcrowded prisons and also among migrant workers in the construction and service industries.

In an order published on Saturday, the government said the restrictions would take effect on Monday and last for a month.

Measures include banning restaurants from serving food indoors, limiting rallies to 20 people, and closing construction sites in and around Bangkok.

In addition, checkpoints will be set up in the southern provinces of the country, such as Narathiwat, Pattani, Yala and Songkhla. Travelers will need a “letter of reason” to enter or exit.

These new restrictions take place shortly before July 1, when a device without quarantine is established for vaccinated tourists in the tourist Phuket.

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