“The first flowers are about to bloom and they can’t wait to be admired . ” This was how it was read in mid-March on the Facebook profile of Rome Flowers Park  and, finally, the opening date has arrived.

Saturday 2 April, in the Divino Amore area, the large flower garden will open . 400 thousand bulbs of Italian anemones, buttercups, roses, horned violets. It can be visited until the end of May, every day from 10 to 18.

The Roma Flowers Park  is a large space in which to spend a day with family, friends or partner, where it will be possible to take photographs and relax in the shade of olive groves and vineyards. The large flower park “Roma Flowers Park” is located in Via Castel di Leva, 358 in the Divino Amore area.

In addition to the large lawn covered with colorful flowers, the Roman park offers a play and entertainment area for the little ones and an area dedicated to ponies where it will be possible to take short walks. In the park there are also exhibition stands where you can see and buy flowers and plants of various kinds.

There is also a large dining area, where it will be possible to have lunch, tasting traditional Italian dishes.

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