The brutal murder of Sol, the fashion gamer in Brazil

The brutal murder of Sol, the fashion gamer in Brazil

Her name was Ingrid Oliveira, she was 19 years old and everyone knew her as Sol in the world gamer for her skills in Call of Duty. She was assassinated on February 22 by fellow player Guilherme Alves, Flashlight in the digital community.

They met through the aforementioned game, where they spent long hours interacting and sharing impressions. So for a month, until he invited her to his house located in Pirituba (Brazil) with the excuse of playing a game together.

“Do you remember what you did, son? Or not?” they asked him during his arrest. “Of course. My sanity is completely fit. I did it because I wanted to”.

According to the newspaper O Glovo, after injuring the young woman, Alves fled, leaving the body at his residence. Soon after, his brother arrived at the home, where he found the body.

At the moment, he tried to locate the gamer, who lied to him saying it was a suicide, something his family member ruled out, forcing him to confess the truth. Within half an hour, Guilherme appeared before the authorities to confess his crime.

Why did it go to such an extreme? Keep in mind that she belonged to the FBI-e-Sports team of the aforementioned title, while he was from the GamerElite.

However, they all claimed they had never seen Guilherme in person, who also shared several images of the young woman killed by the group of the organization, whose members alerted authorities quickly.

“She was an extraordinary person, whom we will remember every day the sun rises; every time we look at the sun we will remember it,” wrote Krony, head of the FBI-e-Sports team on the group’s Instagram profile.

“She joined our girls’ roster and became good friends with the guys from the Black Stars line. She was an excellent player ”, he collected in a statement sent to the victim’s family.

An “anti-Christian mission”

About the events, the e-Sports psychologist Claudio Godoi explained the newspaper Twitter that “this behavior when stopped, smiling and playing, assuming that he is conscious shows that has never felt empathy with what happened”.

According to the investigation, Flashlight would have met Sol in Call of Duty and would have planned her murder, an intention that he reflected in a newspaper of just over 50 pages that was confiscated by the police.

In some excerpts from that book, he claims to believe himself superior to other people, even claiming that he had “An anti-Christian mission in the world”.


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