See the 2020-2021 PIS / Pasep payment schedule

See the 2020-2021 PIS / Pasep Payment Schedule

Payments for children born between March and June and workers with the final registration number 6 to 9 start to be made this Tuesday (9)

This Tuesday (9), workers from the public and private sectors begin to receive the salary allowance (PIS / Pasep) of 2020/2021, which has 2019 as the base year. The benefit is received by private sector employees born between March and June and public servants with a final registration number in Pasep from 6 to 9.

More than 7.5 million workers will be entitled to withdraw the benefit at this stage of the calendar, totaling more than R $ 5.9 billion in resources made available. The withdrawal released this week is available for withdrawal until June 30, deadline for receipt.

Private network workers receive PIS this Tuesday

Private initiative workers born between March and June who are entitled to the PIS benefit will receive the deposit on Tuesday. The calendar was brought forward by a month. Initially, workers born in May and June would receive the amounts due as of March 17. 

The amount will be deposited in a checking account of the Caixa informed by the worker. For those who are not customers of the bank, a free digital savings account was opened, the same one used to pay emergency aid. Digital savings can be handled by the Caixa Tem application, which allows the payment of domestic bills (water, electricity, telephone and gas), bank slips, purchases with virtual debit card over the internet and purchases with QR code (advanced version of bars) in partner establishments.

In cases where the amount of the allowance cannot be deposited in any of these accounts, the worker must make the withdrawal with the Citizen Card and password at the ATMs, lottery units and Caixa Aqui Correspondents, as well as at branches from Thursday (11).

To withdraw the allowance, the worker needs to go to the ATM’s self-service terminals or to a lottery with a Citizen Card and a registered password. If you do not have a Citizen Card, the beneficiary can receive the amount at any Caixa branch, upon presentation of an identification document.

Public network servers are entitled to Pasep

Servers with a final Pasep registration number from 6 to 9 also receive the deposit on Tuesday. Pasep is paid by Banco do Brasil and whoever is an account holder of the institution already receives it through the account. For the others, the withdrawals will be released from Thursday (11).

Public servants who are entitled to Pasep need to check whether there has been an account deposit. If this has not happened, it is necessary to look for a branch of Banco do Brasil and present an identification document. More information about Pasep can be obtained by calling 0800-729 00 01, from Banco do Brasil, or at .

The value of the benefit

The amount paid by Pis / Pasep considers the minimum wage adjustment and varies between R $ 92, for those who worked 30 days in 2019, and R $ 1,100 for those who worked 12 months of the year.

Check the Pis / Pasep 2020/21 calendar

Calendars consider the day of withdrawal of the amount. The deposit for the workers cited in the matter takes place this Tuesday (9).

Payment schedule for private network workers
Payment schedule for private network workers

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Payment schedule for public servants
Payment schedule for public servants

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Who is entitled to the salary bonus

The worker registered in the PIS for at least five years and who has formally worked for at least 30 days in 2019, with an average monthly salary of up to two minimum wages, is entitled to the 2020/2021 salary bonus. 

It is also necessary that the data have been correctly informed by the employer in the Annual List of Social Information (RAIS) or e-Social, according to the company’s category. Caixa employees receive benefits linked to private entities and companies.

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